Sketch Tour Portugal – Lisbon region

My name is Lis Watkins,
I’m part of the London Urban Sketchers group. I use watercolour…
and pen as well to do my sketches. This is my first time in Portugal,
it’s very exciting to come to Lisbon. It’s been quite amazing,
all the different types of places that I’ve been to so far. My name is José Louro, I’m from Lisbon and my sketching style is quick drawing, short drawing. Drawing in the street feels like I’m a tourist,
in my own country. I felt the countryside in Sintra… it was very green, but quite different from anywhere I’ve been in England It’s just very magical. NOS ALIVE is, indeed, a format… with 65,000 people at my disposal for me to draw. I would love to come back to Portugal. I think I’d like to bring my family here, so we can have a look around
and show them some of the things I’ve seen. Yes, definitely I’d like to come back.

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