[Sketch app]Planejando e criando o primeiro projeto | Pedro Jordan

what’s up? How are you? Thanks Watch this video you may have noticed that I put to the sale or lease That was the way I found keep the canal, is one year I have this channel, and have more than 90 videos, each video takes about five days to be done. a lot of work to do videos the way they are made, really like to transfer knowledge, if you can contribute buy and pay video like this. Thank you so much To do this activity you need to have
watched this video and also download files, visit this link to
download. To speed up the construction of the pages
I will copy a part of the interface, such as background, header like and some cases
footer. change this header to Fruit of the day,
now open crafted file in video Previous and you can download to
continue this activity. Press Command + C to copy,
open the current project, and pressing the right mouse button, choose this
Here Paste option now I position and sending down.
I will put the symbols distributed to see the best position. great.. Right-click click this
Detach from Symbol option because I will change it and not to change all symbols I click Ungroup
increase this square, and delete this drawing and now click on the Insert menu, Images, select
this fruit Decreases and I position, sending down, so
with the shift key select the square and the image
and click on mask to better reposition the image, click this
side, open this folder mask, click on the image,
I position and send backward
in this box, I will apply transparency. ready… on the profile page, I’ll do the same procedure,
Copy the elements I do an oval
Insert an image sent down
select the oval and the image using the button shift and click on the mask
apply an outline it’s perfect
and now just follow the layout to make this loupe
drawing an oval a rectangle, rotaciono he this option,
select the two objects with the shift key press
I click Union I do another oval
select all drawing and now Difference
this rectangle will get better rounded I click here
Expand the design and modify the property it great … now is to make the interfaces of all pages … to export
Click the Insert menu and choose the tool Slice, and outline pages to Load Screen page, must take
a care not to export greater than the tamnho the project page in this field
I keep with 1x. Click on the page name. Press the S key Slice and outline the page to the slice, in
export property, put 2x to to be exported twice the size,
and do for all pages. I click the Export button appears this picture
dialog, and then it is exported all pages.
next video will teach to do the Prototyping to test the usability. Then that’s it I hope that you enjoyed,
help me to share my sharing channel my videos to the next video


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