Setting Your Homepage in Canvas

Hey everybody, this is Brian with the Tech
Integration Team. I’m going to show you today how to make your
Canvas course a little more inviting when students jump in. As you can see when you log in, it’s just
a blank page. There’s a bunch of menu items here, there’s
some information over here for the teacher, but all they see is this one discussion and
some licensing information. It’s not very inviting. You can change that. If you click on Pages, it’ll jump you over
to your Pages view. What I’ve done is set up a Welcome page. You would click on New Page and call it whatever
you like…”Introduction to…” it doesn’t matter what the title is, just something so
they know that it’s a top level view. You can add picture to this (we’ll show you
how to do that in another video) and some information about the class, what to expect,
where to find us, etc. To set this, we have to change it to what’s
called the “Front Page.” Back in the “All Pages” view, this is a list
of all the pages in the course right now. When it loads, there’s going to be a gear
icon that let me change the settings for those pages. I’m going to go to my Welcome page, click
on the gear, and click on “Use as Front Page.” That sets the front page for the Pages view. That matters because if I go back to my home
page, I’m back on home, over here on the right hand side in your teacher controls, hit “Choose
Home Page.” Set “Pages Front Page” as front for the course. We’re going to save it and when the course
reloads, instead of showing that stream information, it’s going to load the home page. And there we go. So now when my students log in, they see this
information about the course. It’s more welcoming, it’s more inviting, it’s
not just a blank thing that tells people what to do. I hope this was helpful, remember, on our
YouTube channel, we’ve got all kinds of videos you can go check out for Canvas, Google, a
lot of the other ed tech we’re using in the district. You can also put in a help request and there’s
links on the website and below in the description on how you can do that. See you next time.

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