RV Tour: 2019 Grand Design 380FL (Brand New MUST SEE Floorplan!)

(upbeat music) – Hey guys! I’m Rae! – And I’m Jason. – And we have another special interview for you today as well as a walk through of one of Grand Designs newest rigs. So, I am very very excited about this so let’s jump right in. Alright, would you mind
giving a brief introduction of who you are and what
you do for Grand Design? Sure! I’m Rob Groover, I’m the project
manager for Grand Design. Which basically means, I oversue, oversee everything solitude. – Cool. – Awesome. – Yeah. – So for people who have older Solitudes and they send in recommendations, do those get to you for newer models? – Absolutely, Absolutely. and We encourage it very much so. How we design our units, it’s not… A lot of companies will design something that’s easy to manufacture, and they’ll shove it out into the field and they’ll try to convince
you on why you should like it. Why it makes sense. We design a whole different way. Customer feedback, literally, you guys are that design our units. – Awesome. – Awesome, and we definitely see it because all the things
we’ve complained about (laughing) with our 375 are implemented on the new one and we are completely jealous. (laughs) – Yes. We have an early
model of the 2018 375, and there were very minor things like the light switch placement. Even in the later models of 2018’s that customer feedback was
already received and changed, so. – Awesome, awesome. – It gives you– – glad to hear it. – RV envy. (laughs) We love it. – We have to give you guys
a reason to buy another one. – Exactly! – Yeah, we’re angry that
you made those changes but, for all of you out there buying a brand new one it’s for the best. – Yes. So we are currently sitting
in the 380 Front Living? Is that right? – 380 FL, yup. – FL. Okay. So, I just wanna let you guys know that I walked through this yesterday and lost my mind. Like, it was everything that
we were looking for in an RV, and the 375 hit all our needs
and that’s what we went for but then seeing this floor plan yesterday. I’m dying. I can’t wait to show you this. So before we get to the walk through, I did do a brief. We showed you guys a sneak
peak on our Instagram stories yesterday, and we got a couple questions so I wanna take this
opportunity to ask those to you. – Sure. – And, the first question I got was is this a 2019 or 2020 model? – It’s brand new for 2019. We’ve only built a couple, haven’t even got ’em into production yet. So these will be available in bout the next six to eight weeks,
but they’ll all be 2019’s. – Awesome. – Okay. Nation-wide to all your dealers or? – It’ll take a little bit of
time to fill the pipeline. – Okay. – But yeah, there gonna
start hitting dealer’s lots in about six to eight weeks roughly. – Okay. – Wow. – And then, another
question we received was what is the MSRP on this rig? – Um, it can depend pretty
drastically depending on options. You know full body being generators, and some of those high
galleries of things. What we call our standard build, which how we build probably
80% percent our units it’s gonna be somewhere in
the mid 90’s to 100, 000. Ballpark. – Okay. – Awesome. – Alright, so those were
a couple of the questions that you guys wanted to know. So, I’m sure your dying to see this rig. So let’s just jump
right in. (upbeat music) – [Jason Miller] Alright,
so what do we have here? Obviously is the front living
room, so that’s where we are. So won’t you take us through some of the fancy things
you guys put in here. – Yeah, this is again this is our new 380. One of the nice things
we do that a lot of the other front launch models
in the industry don’t, is you’ll notice we have
a straight roof line all the way to the front. And
what that allows us to do, it allows us to have these
really tall slides up here. And then which, also in turn
allows us to have much bigger windows your gonna see in
most front living models. The windshield has been a
huge hit with our customers, obviously that’s more
natural light in the unit when your not watching TV. If you do want to watch TV,
you simply press this button. TV automatically comes, pull the shade on the window and your good to go. This is something else that we do, it’s actually infrared fireplace. It’s 48″ wide. Where most of
the guys are gonna use a 27. So that’s a lot more residential it’s LED back lit. We also LED dimmer switches right here, so you can dim the light
over the TV over the window whenever you want. All our furniture, this is
all new styling of furniture. These are both Tri fold hide-a-beds. You can pull them out simultaneously and they actually meet in the middle. So if you did have guests, you have plenty of room for sleeping. These are our new theater seats, so we just added this center
console in the middle. We didn’t used to have that, and then we moved all of our controls; these are power, heat, massage and a built in light at the baseboard. We added all these controls down under the inside of the arm, but where they used to be up here. So it just gives the furniture a lot more of a residential look. – [Jason] Alright so, why
don’t you take us through the additions to the
kitchen. What’s fancy here? – Of course. So as you can see right here. Every style two model comes
standard with a 18 cubic foot, RV style refrigerator. You can
also option in 18 cubic foot, residential style 110 only refrigerator. This is all in our new chef’s collection, a freon oven and cook top. Everything has direct spark ignition, 22 inches wide, its the biggest
oven you can put in an RV. Along with that standard
comes a convection microwave, not just your standard, but
it’s convection as well. And then this is something that
a lot of front living models do not have. A lot of the guys, this is literally all their storage and all their pantry space. So this, you still have
nice big deep cabinets here, banks of drawers, bank
of drawers down here, but then you have this
massive pantry as well. With adjustable shelves up top and pull out drawers on the bottom. Another nice thing since this
is a rear master bath model if you do have guests and your sleeping, you actually have a nice
little half bath right here so guests can use the bathroom without having to walk
through your bedroom. If you turn around here
we use the biggest windows that we can find anywhere we can use um. So, you guys are outside,
your camping, your in nature. What we like to say, is we wanna bring the nature into the unit. So you’ll see this on
every Solitude out there. Down here, something else that’s newer. You actually have built in
shoe storage under your steps. With this particular model unfortunately, as you can see there’s no
where to put a coat closet or anything like that. So you can just slide your
shoes right under the step and still be right by the entryway. Something else we just added, a matter of weeks ago was central vac. It’s standard in all Solitudes now, and that does have a built in kick pan or dust pan right here. So you can just sweep the stuff right in and be down with it,
right by the entry door. So a couple new things
that we did in this model. First and for most we went
to a solid hardwood step, which is really nice, really residential. And then in this model particularly, we have a double coat closet right here. Which has a ton of storage. (door shuts) We come here into our bedroom a couple things we do, again we wanna try and make these
as residential as possible so a really, really hot thing out there right now are barn doors. So you can see, we actually
added a barn door here and a barn door right behind you there. Something else that’s a
little bit newer for us is our hidden dresser
storage that lifts up. Great place to keep valuables,
nobodies ever gonna know its there unless you know it’s there. So, pretty cool stuff. This is all hanging, this is all hanging, and that’s all hanging. And then you have big drawer
bank of six drawers here. Again, going back to what we
were talking about earlier. Windows on both sides, try to put windows everywhere we can actually place em. This is a king size bed,
in this particular unit. This is also available in a queen. But you’ll get night stands on either side no matter what ya do. Which is rare for other manufacturers. Coming in here, this
is our big master bath. We actually borrowed this idea from the Hy-Line Diesel Pusher Row. This is about the number
one selling Hy-Line Diesel floor plan in the industry right now. So, if it works for motor homes, why won’t work for Hy-Line Fifth wheels. So you can see ya have
the double labs here, an absolute ton of storage, a window in your bathroom
which is a rarity. You have your washer/dryer prep over here. If you don’t choose to
put in a washer/dryer, tons of storage, tons of hanging space, and then this is something
that’s brand new. I don’t know of anybody
that’s done in the industry, so this our new sunken tub. One piece fiber glass sunken tub. The nice thing about this is, it gives you about six
foot seven of head height before having to put your
head in the actually skylight. If you have small kids,
pets, something like that, that’s a great place
for those guys as well. (upbeat music) – [Jason] Alright, so we’re outside. This looks very familiar to the 375 RES, but a little different. – Something that we copied basically, or borrowed from our 375 RES model was this massive exterior
storage back here. So the big design challenge
when we did this in this model, since you have that rear
bathroom and you have a stool, you have two sinks, you
have washer/dryer prep, you have a shower. Is what the heck to do
with all that plumbing? So our engineers absolutely nailed it if you can look in here
you’ll see that there is no exposed plumbing in
this entire pass through. Another nice thing about this is, it gives you 12 foot 4
of storage from the back moving forward to this wall. So it’ll fit even the biggest kayaks, if that’s what your into. Something else we added on the 380 was addition of the second
patio awning, up top. So you have, almost 29
feet of under awning space when both awnings are deployed. Alright so this is something
else that we added on the 380, just like we have on the 375 RES with all this massive storage, the problem is how do
you get to everything. So we worked with MORryde and they developed this big pull out steel 800 pound capacity heavy duty tray. Very Diesel Pusher-esque. Something else that we just added, matter of a few weeks ago
is a true towing hitch. This isn’t just an accessory hitch. This is actually rated
at; 3, 000 pounds. Towing. 300 pounds of tongue weight and we even added the
four way plug for ya. – Alright, well. Thanks so much for giving us this this walk through. – You’re very welcome. – We are completely in love with this Rig, and we now have RV envy and
we wanna upgrade. (laughs) – Perfect. – But, only question I had
which I wondered this yesterday. There are two toilets in this Rig, so does that mean there
are two sewer connections? – No, actually our engineers worked really hard to combine everything. So, you only have one sewer
hose coming out of your coach. – Nice. Alright, ya heard
it here first. (laughs) Alright guys, well I hope you enjoyed this walk through, because I sure did. So please give this video a big thumbs up. If you have any questions on this Rig, leave em in the comments below and we’ll try and get
those answered for you. And don’t forget to subscribe
to join our Getaway Gang. We’ll see you next time. Bye. (upbeat music)

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