Welcome to a new Scary Tuesday, Tiktakers. You probably all know Chucky, the terrifying
protagonist of the Child’s Play movies saga. But you probably Dont know Robert, the sinister
doll that actually existed and was the inspiration for the character. This is his story. At the end of the 19th century, the Ottos,
a wealthy american family, moved to a new mansion in Key West, Florida. People knew they were hard on their servants,
sometimes they even harmed them. It was, precisely, one of them, a haitian
gipsy woman in charge of taking care of the little one in the family, Robert Eugene, the
one that unleashed all this. One day, Mrs Otto, supposedly, found this
servant in their backyard practising a ceremony she thought was vudu – black magic typical
from caribbean communities, and she immediately fired her. Before she left, the woman gave the little
one a doll that looked like a kid. It was 1 meter tall, stuffed with straw and
sewed with wire- Two buttons as eyes and human hair, which the say belonged to the kid himself. He named him with his own name, and would
usually dress him up with his own clothes. Robert the doll became his most trustworthy
friend. He would always take him when he went shopping
into town and he always saved a seat for him at the table, where he would feed him without
his parents noticing. They even slept together. But soon, this innocent relationship would
become … a bit strange. The little boy started to say he’d rather
be called by his second name, Gene, since Robert was the doll’s name. They would usually hear him talking to the
doll inside his room, and a lower voice would answer as if there was somebody else in there
with him. Sometimes Gene made lots of noise, and when
his mom went to see how he was doing, she would find him scared in a corner while Robert
looked at him, sitting on a chair or on the bed, staring at him. Even neighbors said, when the family wasnt
at home, they’d see the doll looking out of the windows. Gene started to have terrible nightmares,
and he ‘d tell his parents that Robert could move on his own. His toys appeared mutilated and he’d hear
weird laughs. One day, while the kid was sleeping, they
heard a loud noise in his room. When they went in there to see what was happening,
they found most of the furniture turned over, and the doll laying next to the bed. When his parents asked Gene why he was doing
such things, he’d defend himself, crying, and saying it was Robert who had done it all. Scared, all servants started to leave the
family, until the Ottos decided to interfere. Gene’s parents took Robert away and they
put it in a box in the attic, where it was hidden for many years. Some time after that, Gene (an adult already),
inherited the family mansion after his dad died, and he moved there with his wife. He had become a painter, and he felt that
house was the perfect place for him to work. Soon after they moved, he found Robert in
the attic, and he decided to take him back, even tho his wife didnt really like the doll…
not at all. Gene reconnected with his childhood toy, and
he’d take him everywhere, he’d even sit him down on his favorite chair while his wife
and himself were sleeping. And then, the strange events started to take
place again. Gene’s wife said the doll’s facial expression
changed sometimes, as if he had feelings. Some neighbors said they had seen Robert moving
around the house and kids from nearby schools avoided to get close to the house. The Otto family stopped having visits, nobody
wanted to face that chilling toy, so Gene was forced to hide it in the attic again. But those who did go to their house would
say they still heard inexplicable steps and laughs coming from upstairs. Gene Otto died in 1972 and his wife sold the
house soon after. For some time, Robert was alone in the empty
mansion until a new family bought it and restored it. The doll was discovered by their daughter,
a 10 year old girl, who grew fond of him and added him to her toys collection. But it seems like he didnt really like his
new owner, because since then, the little girl would yell, frightened, every night,
saying her doll was trying to kill her. Finally, Robert was taken to the Martello
Gallery-Key West Art and Historical Museum in Key West, Florida, where it’s still exposed,
sitting in a glass cabinet. Both visitors and staff working there say
they’ve seen it moving and, at nights, they can hear it hitting the cabinet. One of them says he once cleaned Robert before
turning the lights off and locking the museum. The next day, he found the lights on and Robert
sitting in a different position, with dust on its shoes. They also say when people take pictures or
videos of him, cameras stop working or pictures turn out blurry. If you wanna take a picture of him, you must
ask him for it politely. If he’s OK with it, he’ll nod. But if he doesnt and you still take it, a
curse will fall on you and whoever is with you. Same thing if you tease him. Actually, on the walls of the room he is in,
there are lots of letters from people begging him to take the curse back. Nowadays, Robert is still in his museum cabinet,
wearing his sailor suit and holding his lion stuffed animal, with only a thin glass keeping
him away from the outside.


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