Random Craft Haul ▼ Riot Art & Craft and Variety 1

Hey everyone it’s Daisy here, welcome back to another video. Today I’m going to be showing you a craft haul. I did a craft haul recently on my Daiso trip but I went to a few different other stores. Few different other stores… That doesn’t make sense. A few different stores and I bought some other stuff. The first store I went to is kind of like a Dollar Store or The Reject Shop. It’s called Variety 1 and I only know of 1 of them in my area so it’s pretty cool and they have aisles, like probably two full aisles of just craft stuff so it is amazing! So the first this I got are these Temporary Jewelry Inspired Tattoos, it’s just those flash tattoos that everyone seems to be into right now. And I got them in two different styles, I want to do an Egyptian sort of look in the future and I don’t know I liked this one because it had cool geometric patterns on it and yeah. The next thing I got is this sheet of just magnets. I want to start making some magnet DIY’s. I got this whole sheet, it was only 2 dollars so I thought that was a pretty good deal so I can cut them in whatever shape that I want. Then I got these paper designed die-cuts and these are really super cute with the different patterns on them. It seemed like they all had different patterns on them, so if you grabbed one it was unique to all the others you could get there. I don’t know what exactly I’m going to use these for but I’ll use them for something because they’re super cute. Then I got some masking tape because everyone in the crafting world needs some crafting tape and I already opened this packet because I had to use masking tape the other day but yeah it’s simply just masking tape – you know what masking tape is. I then got some craft elastic string in the color clear. I want to make some jewelry out of this. I’m not sure what type of jewelry I’ll make yet but probably some… I’m thinking bracelets, I think that would be a good idea. I can make beads or something out of polymer clay and then make them into bracelets. I don’t know I’ll find a use for this. Then I got some Sisal Wrapping Twine! Twine is so good for everything in the crafting world. I can use this to decorate bottles, or bottles, or something. I then found some polymer clay in the craft aisle and this was only $2.50 each which is super cheap and I’ve actually tried this brand before. Called Monte Marte or Mont Marte – sorry, don’t know what it’s called. But, it is pretty good. Like the consistency of it is kind of in between Sculpey and Fimo. It’s not hard, but it’s not super soft either. I think it’s the perfect consistency and it’s super cheap so if you find this brand Mont Marte definitely check it out. It is affordable and comes in heaps of colors. I love just buying black, like a good staple color. I then got some craft jars. Everyone should get craft jars, these mini craft jars. I got them in this style, in this style which is kind of like an assorted pack and a cute fat pack here. I just found another polymer clay by Mont Marte. And it is a flesh tone. Pretty cool. That is also $2.50 and yeah that flesh tone looks pretty sweet. I also got these rhinestones and you can never go wrong with rhinestones and I’ve already used some of these as you can probably see. But these are gorgeous and they come with so many. I love them, I got them in black and silver. Then with the painting side of craft I got some brushes – stencil brushes. Not quite sure what exactly I’m going to use these for yet but I got them any ways because you never know and they’re big and fat and make a stencil and just dab it. With the brush if you know what I mean. Yeah so I got those and I got this set. A gallery series brush set acrylic paint. They had like a whole wall area of just different sorts of paint brushes. So the last thing I got from this store is some acrylic paint. And I got this Mont Marte paint. I got them in all sorts of colors that I can mix myself. I like to do that and get my own individual color. There it is. The next store I went to is Riot Art and Craft. The first thing I got is this white Sculpey clay. The basics is always good and I love mixing white with all sorts of colors. Here it is, can you see the clay? There are so many colors. I got so many reds and silvers – those colors I love. And I got some transparent and some Fimo effect – there’s just a lot in there. I’ll just do an overlay shot of all these clays because we’re going till the end of days if I’m going to be going through every single color. That is it for my craft haul. Hoped you guys liked it. Thumbs up this video and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already. See you guys in a future video. Bye!

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