Rainbow Tree |Acrylic Painting on Mini Canvas Step by Step #57|Satisfying Demo

Hello Acrylic painting channel shootsketch Today I’m going to draw a rainbow-colored birch that even beginners can easily follow First, attach several masking tapes Squeeze the paint And spread acrylic paint with a knife I’ll make a gradient with the brush Colors can mix freely so I’ll clean the knife and apply it again If you paint the masking tape, I will paint the tape, so I will apply it partially. I’ll dry it fast with a dryer I’ll remove the masking tape I’ll cut out acrylic paint disposable paper pallet Use a glossy front I’ll fix it with Scotch tape. I bought almost a large amount of silver for acrylic I write today Now I will express the wood grain You can draw horizontal lines with a thin brush Like this Now I’ll express the branches with white acrylic paint Today’s work is completed Thank you for watching Please subscribe & like ~!


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