Quickly Adjust Course Due Dates Using the Course Calendar in Canvas

There are a couple of ways to change the
due dates for quizzes, assignments, etc. in Canvas. One that you can do, is to go for
example, to assignments or to quizzes, and open up, and then edit each individual
assignment there and change the due date. That is definitely the more
time-consuming way. There is a drag-and-drop option using the calendar,
and there are a couple of options to get to the calendar. I do not recommend going to the calendar function here, because what you will see is that once we click
on that… you are going to have to choose from all of your courses which exact
calendar you want. So, going through here that takes a little bit more time. What I
recommend, going back to the home, page is that you click on settings, and then on
the right, course calendar. This is going to take you to the course calendar
for the specific course that you are working in. Now, imagine that I’m getting
assignments ready for Fall, and I have a class that is going that originally I
thought was going to meet Monday Wednesday, but now is going to meet
Tuesday Thursday. So, instead of going through and editing each individual
assignment here, I can just go through and just drag and drop everything that
shows up, and it’s going to move to the next day. So, what happens if I want to
move to a different month? What I can do is, in the upper right hand corner, I can
click to the month that I need and then I can drag and drop, for example, to the
September 3rd, and it’s going to show up there. Again, I can go back. I
can go forward, but again dragging and dropping is definitely much more
efficient for changing the due dates in Canvas.

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