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[music playing] The Pro Industrial brand is your ticket
to the commercial, light industrial, healthcare,
hospitality, educational, and multi-family markets. The Pro-Industrial product line
contains high-performance products, like Pro-Industrial
Water Based Acrolon 100. With fewer than
100 grams per liter VOCs, its water based
acrylic urethane formula is high gloss
and abrasion resistant, with excellent
weathering properties, comparable to
a solvent- based urethane. Recommended for warehouses,
manufacturing plants, correctional institutions, Pro Industrial
Water Based Acrolon 100 works hard wherever
durability is critical. Water Based Alkyd
Urethane enamel applies with the convenience
of a waterborne formula, and performs
like a urethane alkyd. Outstanding flow, leveling,
and adhesion, paired with good
block resistance, as well as exceptional
color and gloss retention, and resistance to yellowing make Pro Industrial Water Based
Alkyd Urethane enamel a reliable choice. Pro Industrial Waterborne
Acrylic Dryfall applies easily
by airless sprayer, yet dries within about 10 feet before it can settle
on sensitive equipment or furnishings,
so the dust just sweeps away. Skip the time-consuming effort of removing or covering
heavy equipment or furnishings prior to spraying. Excellent hide offers
one-coat coverage. And it’s VOC-compliant
nationwide. Pro Industrial Waterborne
Acrylic Dryfall is a labor-saving way to give hard-to-paint ceilings
a fresh look. To coat interior or exterior
concrete and cinder block, Pro Industrial
Heavy Duty Block Filler fills the bill, with excellent
filling characteristics and moisture resistance. This high-build
acrylic resin coating is ideal for resurfacing spalled or deteriorated
concrete substrates. Rugged enough for application
in power plants, chemical plants, even paper mills. New Heavy Duty Block Filler
is also attractive enough for high-performance
architectural applications. It’s even suitable for use
in USDA inspected facilities. Overall corrosion resistance, plus resistance to early
rust and flash rust, are just a few of the benefits that make Pro Industrial
DTM Acrylic coating suitable for interior
and exterior applications. The fast-drying formula lets facilities return
to service sooner than conventional acrylics,
and no priming is needed on properly-prepared
metal substrates. Pro Industrial DTM
Acrylic coating is available in Eg-Shel,
Semi-Gloss, and Gloss coatings, all with fewer than
50 grams per liter VOCs. Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy
is a top-of-the-line epoxy, with outstanding hardness,
chemical resistance, scrub, and corrosion resistance. Stain blocking
and stain resistance are also excellent, yet it applies
like a standard latex, and dries to an attractive,
smooth finish. For interior areas that are subject to
excessive foot traffic, corrosive chemicals, or constant cleaning
with harsh detergents, yet require a high level
of aesthetic appeal, Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy
is perfect. It’s even Greenguard Indoor
Air Quality certified, and Greenguard Gold certified. Another Pro Industrial product that has achieved
Greenguard certification is Acrylic Coating. Excellent corrosion and
chemical resistance, with better color
and gloss retention than Water Based
Catalyzed Epoxy, make the sleek finish
of Acrylic Coating ideal for exterior
structural steel, architectural details,
piping, metals, or exterior water tanks. Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy
is another great choice when it comes to
dependable service, combined with the convenience
of a single-component formula. Ease of application,
with smooth flow and leveling, add up to a beautiful
finish that blocks stains and is resistant to harsh
detergents and cleansers. For interior spaces
exposed to moisture, commercial chemicals,
and frequent cleaning, Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed
Water Based Epoxy is a great choice. In commercial kitchens,
laboratories, manufacturing plants, even animal hospitals
or laundry facilities, there is Pro Industrial
High Performance Epoxy. This high solids,
high build coating dries to a finish
that’s hard as nails, offering heavy-duty performance for the harshest
interior environments. Exceptional durability,
chemical resistance, scrub and corrosion resistance, plus stain and
blocking resistance, make solvent based
High Performance Epoxy hard to beat. Urethane Alkyd Enamel
is a general purpose enamel, offering such a broad
range of benefits, that no maintenance manager
will want to be without it. Good durability and flexibility,
with a high build finish, increases productivity, while excellent color
and gloss retention keeps high visibility
exterior substrates looking sleek and
attractive for decades. Many shop and
manufacturing substrates are difficult
to clean thoroughly, and without thorough
surface prep, inferior coatings can fail. Pro Industrial Multi-Surface Acrylic
can help. This surface tolerant coating is self priming
on most surfaces, with excellent single-coat hide,
adhesion, and stain blocking properties. Gloss and color retention
withstand years of UV exposure. For jobs that require
a hard working primer, Pro-Cryl Universal
Acrylic Primer is a smart start. Its advanced
rust-inhibiting technology makes this high performance
metal primer perfect for areas
exposed to corrosive elements. Compatible with both catalyzed
and non catalyzed top coats, Pro-Cryl’s excellent
stain blocking properties enhance the performance and durability
of the desired top coat. Whatever the application,
Pro Industrial products offer the hard wearing durability that commercial
applications demand, without compromising appearance
or application ease. When performance
expectations are high, Pro Industrial delivers.

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