Preparation and spray painting stucco house with wood trim.

In this video by ABN Painting we’re doing preparation work and spray painting exterior of a stucco house and the first thing we do for prep work is we move the gravel away from the house so it doesn’t get any overspray. Pressure washing is next. Any paint that is peeling we scrape by hand using a putty knife. We scrape the different angles to make sure that anything that is peeling will come off. After we’re finished with scraping we’re using elastomeric punch to fill all hairline cracks in stucco and we apply it with a mini roller. There are some areas on this house where there is countless number of cracks and we have to apply the patch pretty much from the very bottom of the house all the way to the top. To fill smaller cracks in the wood trim we use the same elastomeric patch and we apply it with a brush because the mini roller on the round surface like that would not work very well. To fix larger cracks in the wood trim we are using MH patch and we apply it with a putty knife. Once we’re done fixing larger cracks we’ll come back to this area again and will fill all remaining small cracks using latex caulk and elastomeric punch. After we finished with all repairs this is the look of the house. After we’re done masking the surfaces that will not be painted we start by spray painting the body of the house and the walls around. After the body of the house had the chance to dry we mask off any surfaces next the wood trim to prepare for spray painting an accent color. We use 12 inch masking paper to cover the stucco right next to the wood trim. We used plastic to cover the rest of the area and for all the floors we use the tarps. To spray paint the trim who is slightly lowered the pressure in the sprayer but we’re using the same size of the spray tip as for the body of the house. Most of the time it’s easier using a brush in the mini roller to paint the trim fascia by hand but on this house we masked off the roof using 12 inch masking paper and green tape and we’ll spray paint the trim fascia instead. Here we spray painting the gates on the front of the house. When spray painting the trim around the front door we covered with plastic any plans that may get overspray. After we’re finished with touch ups and clean up this is the look of the house. This is the guest house. And this is the main house.


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