Police Officer Oona chases a paint thief and gets a BIG SURPRISE! | Police Car Wash

The robber stole every paint can
except for these, officer Oona Do you think you can find the paint thief? I’m sure we will We’re going to catch the robber red-handed How do you know? A police officer’s hunch Plus we’ve got a few clues right here Not again! The captain’s going to be very upset I’ve got to get to Carl’s Car Wash [siren] I need some excitement Today has been as dull as watching paint dry [siren] That’s Officer Oona Wonder what the emergency is Carl, I need your assistance Things got a little messy on the job today Can you clean my car? Let me find your vehicle, officer Is it a police car? An ambulance? Or a minivan? It’s definitely a police car Let’s see how messy this car is Is it a little messy? Medium messy? Or super duper messy? I’d say it’s super duper messy Let’s see what type of mess we have on our hands Is it goopy space goo? Wet paint? Or delicious ketchup? Mmm… I’m going to say, “Wet paint” That’ll be eight tokens, Officer Oona 1…2…3…4… 5…6…7…8 Here I go! Thanks, Carl I’m back on the case [siren] Now that’s what I call a clean get away See you, Officer Oona


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