Pigmenterat vax – skillnad och teknik. – Pigmented chalk wax – difference and technique.

LINA – DIY and all sorts of fun stuff! Autentico chalkpaint – Thunder Sky and white chalk wax. Hi! I have painted three pieces of furniture with autentico chalk paint, Thunder sky. In this video I’m going to show
how much difference it will be if you use white wax on a furniture So… for this piece, I will use Autentico white chalk wax. It’s very soft and it’s so easy to apply. Applying the wax, I usually use a lint-free cloth. When you wax a piece with structure, it is easier to use a brush …and then wipe off excess with a rag… Autentico chalkpaint – Thunder Sky (no wax) Usually people use a round brush to waxing, but I think it goes great with any brush! The cloth I use is just an ordinary piece of linen I start with the brush… …make sure the wax goes down in the patterns… …and then wipe off the excess… A wonderful thing with pigmented wax is that it goes down the structure and highlights patterns Waxing flat surfaces are easier I usually just take the rag and dip it in the wax And then , just smear it on Soften the hard lines at the end so you get a nice smooth surface of the wax Thank you for watching!
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