Honey… Do you know what
I like the most about you? -What?
-The size of your penis. -Oh yeah?
-Yes! Nobody told me that before! It’s perfect. Perfect like what? Big? Perfect like…
It doesn’t hurt me. I was already tired
of Eduardo’s dick. Do you know what it is to fuck,
and then not be able to walk? That it hurts
every time you fuck? I mean… It was delicious, but we had to
do little by little, carefully. But not with you. Well, good, right? And even when you’re hard,
you can’t hurt me. And that’s something
that I love about you, -that you are never really hard.
-I get it, my love. I get it. Honey, you understand
this is a compliment, right? Your penis is great! I mean, great
not like awesome, but nice, cute, tender, -honest.
-But how is that good? Well, it’s magic. I love it because, when you
want to fuck and I don’t, I let you because I feel nothing,
so I don’t care. I can think
about my groceries list, about all that I need
to bring home, about my workout, all the energy
I’m going to wear off there, -many things, you know?
-My love, my Love… Honey… Can I confess something? Can I? Is that… sometimes I imagine
that we are in a porn movie. Oh yeah? Yes. Yes! I imagine that your penis is a
clitoris that rubs against mine, and we are two women
having sex… Enough, please, enough!
You’d better kill me! Do it! But honey, I love it! I love not having orgasms
with you. It’s a waste of time. Do you know
how much time I’ve lost having orgasms with Eduardo?
Three, three years. It was horrible!
It was tiresome! Full of spasms all the time,
warming me up, the guy would sleep
and keep it hard. And what did I have to do?
Sit on it and ride it hard… That was something,
the sensations, a waste of energy, hard for hours and hours,
and I coming again and again, and again… -“Eduardo, yes, yes!”
-Yes, yes, yes! Please!
But you’re happy with me, right? Honey! Who is worried
about being happy? Hug me. Hug me. Yes. -Let’s watch a movie?
-Yes. -Give me the remote.


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