painting with glowing pigment!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my channel, we are doing something
a little different today. Keepin it casual. Today I am doing something really exciting. I received this thing that I purchased and
that thing is LIT. What is LIT you might ask? LIT is a glow in the dark pigment that you
can mix with acrylic base, you can mix it with oil base, you can probably use it as
watercolor idk you can do a whole lot of stuff with it. The videos that I had seen promoting it looked
really cool and I wanted to try it out, so I just ordered one and today I am using it
for the first time. I did do a couple swatches of it the other
day, you might have seen them on my instagram if you follow me. If you want to purchase LIT, I will include
the information in the thingymabob so you can get some yourself and start making some
really cool glowing stuff. Anyways, let’s go ahead and get right into
the painting! I’ve got my palette set up, these are the
colors I’m using: I’ve got black, white, little bit of my glow that’s left, cadmium yellow,
cadmium red, cobalt blue hue, winsor blue, viridian, sap green. I just wanted to focus on doing a variety
of blues and greens, and then have a little bit of red in case I need it and then do quite
a bit of grey and blue-grey. And then the bright yellow of the LIT I’m
going to also use cadmium yellow as like a base. I have my reference photos pulled up on my
laptop, which is just right here beside my paint. I have a canvas that I have primed with some
acrylic paint. Alright so basically what I’m doing here is
laying in a basic sketch of the painting that I want to do beforehand and I’m using paint
a little bit more thinned down. Then from there, doing an underpainting. I’m painting darkest to lightest last, and
I’m painting thinnest paint first and building my way up to thicker paint. I’m laying in some color and thinking about
where the lighting is coming in and how that affects the colors. Things will be a bit lighter towards the top,
and darker as they go down to the bottom. Also thinking about the form of the shark
and the way that the light is going to be hitting it. Keeping in mind as well the parts that I’m
going to want to be glowing, so those brightest greens are where I’m placing the glow. Kind of thinking about that and thinking about
the way it will reflect on the shark. Now I’m going to mix my LIT with some Liquin,
I just held this up to the light for a minute so you could see how the top layer is all
glowy and the bottom isn’t. I think that’s pretty cool. Basically what I want to try is doing more
sheer layers first, and then maybe building up to a more opaque coverage. I don’t know, I might have to let it dry to
be able to do that. We’ll see. What I want to do on the painting is have
the kelp that the shark is swimming through be luminescent, definitely on the brightest
parts of the kelp here, and then maybe a little bit on the underside of the shark. The light is reflecting, maybe a little bit
up here because I’m thinking our light source is up here, the sun is coming down through
the water. So that’s why it’s lighter up here and it
goes into darkness where more of the kelp is growing. The luminescent parts are going to be kind
of on the edges of the kelp. Let’s give this a try. I’m not really sure how much is going to stay
since I am painting over wet oil paint. I’m not really sure how this will work! I think it would work really nice if you wanted
to do layers over a dry oil painting as well. I’m washing off my brush on this paper towel
in between so I’m not getting too much paint transfer. With the way that I have this set up right
now I have my lamp right here, so I can just move it down and get the light really soaked
up on there. I’m going to leave this for a couple minutes,
read my email, check instagram and we’ll come back and see if it’s glowin. Keep in mind I have all my other lights on. Alright. Not seeing a big payoff, I’m curious to see
if it will look any different in the dark. Alright. So now we’re in the dark, there’s a little
bit on there, it’s glowing a LITTLE bit. I think it’s going to need probably a couple
coats. Actually what I think I’m going to do is add
more pigment in, I’m thinking maybe if I have a thicker of a mixture that it will be a little
bit brighter. I didn’t mix in a lot of it the first time. That could be part of my problem. I’m going to add a little bit more of my medium
on here and mix in a bunch more powder. Let’s see how much pigment this can take. I’ll put that much. Alright I just held that up to the light for a minute
as you can see it’s glowing alright! I’m just going to keep adding more! I’m gonna mix in as much as I can. Yeah! I covered those areas again with my more concentrated
mixture. I’m going to put the light over it, and we’re
going to try it again! It’s been a couple minutes, Oh wow! Ok. I don’t know how much you can tell but it
is glowing more now. If I tip it like this out of the light you
can see it. Let’s bring it into the dark! So we’re just standing in my hallway and you
can see the glow effect on there. The last thing I’m trying is I just did a
whole bunch of pigment and now it’s more like a cream, like a paste so I’m going to try
a couple of little flecks on here. See how much they stick out? Let’s see what that does. Oh wow. Ok. The ones that I did with a LOT of pigment
in them are really glowing. Can you see that? It is REALLY glowing. This is with the light on it … that’s what
you get when you move it off. If I turn off these lights. Dang. So that was my review demo of using LIT, overall
I really really like it, I’m really surprised I can’t believe what this does! It’s such a cool effect. I think there’s so many possibilities to use
this, and so many different mediums you could use with this! I think I would really like to try it again
and maybe do watercolor or like a mixed media next time. I wanted to use oil paint today cause I was
just really feelin it! I haven’t done an oil painting in awhile and
I really like doing them. I will leave the information for you to purchase
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