Painting with Copics? November Colors of the Month Challenge

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for the Colors of the Month challenge. If
this is your first time watching a Colors of the Month video, I’ll take a second to
explain what this is. Marker Universe is an online marker retailer for North America run
by a company called Imagination International Inc. If that sounds familiar that’s because
they used to be North America’s exclusive distributor of Copic products, but Too (Copic’s
manufacturer in Japan) ended third party distributors earlier this year, and they had to adapt their
business. This challenge started out as the Copic Colors challenge, and they renamed it
when they lost the Copic contract. Basically this challenge is a standard three
marker challenge, but instead of drawing markers from your collection at random, the colours
have been picked for you. You don’t have to use markers, either, and if you do you don’t
have to use the exact same ones they picked. They encourage colour matching and use of
other mediums, including digital, if that’s what you have available or what you want to
work with. November’s colours are two shades of blue and a silver.
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Have you tried Colors of the Month yet? How about any old three marker challenge, in general?
What do you think of this month’s colours and what I did with them? Let’s talk about
it in the comments down below. So as I mentioned a moment ago, this month’s
colours are two blues and silver. Last month we used gold, now we’re doing silver. I expect
this is because they recently started carrying the Karin Brushmarker Pro metallic line called
Decobrush and they’re excited about it, but honestly, I hope they get back to three normal
colours next month. I’m already over the mix media aspect. I do a lot of mix media in my
artwork in general, but what I love about the Colors of the Month challenge is that
it’s a three MARKER challenge. I chose to use my dollar store gel pen in
silver for the silver element, and that means I’m down to just two markers, and they’re
two shades of the same colour: blue. These two shades in particular don’t really create
much of an interesting third shade when layered, either, so I had to get creative. I decided
to scribble onto a ceramic surface and dilute the alcohol ink with rubbing alcohol so that
I could get a new tone, and apply it to the paper with a paint brush. It certainly doesn’t
result in nearly as smooth a finish as using the ink straight from the marker, and this
paper didn’t appreciate the extra moisture, but for this particular composition I think
the cloudy effect really works well. Let’s take a minute to talk about the actual
colours Marker Universe has us using this month. As always, I’m not going to read out
the hex codes for colour matching and digital, but I’ll be sure to leave it in the description
box. And like last month, I’m going to put the full official colours listing on screen
as the video plays through. Marker Universe does suggest an exact colour for all of the
products they sell for each of the month’s colours, but again, you can pick a similar
colour in one of these brands or match in something else. These colours are just a suggestion!
The lighter blue shade is Copic B04 Tahitian Blue. I don’t own that, so I used the next
shade lighter which is B02 Robin’s Egg Blue. Marker Universe’s other official brand and
colour suggestions for the lighter blue are: Karin Sky Blue, Krink Light Blue, Graph’It
Brushmarker Cyan, Graph’O Marker Cyan, Sakura Koi Sky Blue, Winsor & Newton Cyan, and Tombow
Cyan. The darker blue shade is Copic B29 Ultramarine,
and this one I do own, so I used it. The other official suggestions are: Karin Egyptian Blue,
Krink Blue, Graph’It Brushmarker Cobalt, Graph’O Marker Ultramarine, Sakura Koi Blue, Winsor
& Newton Royal Blue, and Tombow Reflex Blue. The silver is, of course, silver, and as I
already stated, I used my cheapie dollar store Le Grip silver gel pen. The official suggestions
are just all of the brands they sell that have a metallic, and those are Karin Decobrush,
Krink, Graph’It Shake, Sakura Gellyroll Stardust, Sakura Pentouch, Sakura Perma Paque, and Winsor
& Newton ProMarker Metallics. All of the blue tones made me think of the
sky, which is probably a pretty mundane choice, so I wanted to do something with enough interest
to it not to be boring, but still simple enough to accommodate such a limited palette. I decided
to do a cat sitting in a window, looking out at a starry night sky. I’m not actually watching
my footage playback right now as I’m recording my voiceover, so I still don’t know how it
happened, but when I was done this piece I sent a picture of it to my friend Weblight
Dreams, and only then did I notice I had smudged all the gel pen stars. I have no idea how
I did that! Did I close the book at some point too soon? Did I brush my hand over it and
not realize what I was doing? I don’t know! Let me know if you catch it happening.
By the way, the sketchbook being used is a Copic brand uncoated marker paper sketchbook
that I got in a SketchBox last November. It’s coil bound and about an A6 size. I got a lot
of use out of it during Inktober and there’s still so much room left in here. It has a
lot of pages! If you notice me fiddling with a silvery looking thing under the page I’m
working on, the sketchbook came with a sheet at the back that’s a different material so
we can use it under the page we’re working on, since this paper is uncoated. I just line
it up in the coils, and then tape the opposite end down to the next page with some low tack
washi tape. The paint brush I ended up using is a Princeton Snap! filbert from June’s ArtSnacks
Plus box. The rubbing alcohol is just generic pharmacy first aid rubbing alcohol. The ceramic
is a ramekin. I got a pack of 3 from the dollar store for mixing watercolours, but it works
great for diluting pigments from markers, too.
Anyway, that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say on this one. I know this makes it a bit
shorter than average for my videos, but that’s okay. You’re going to get bonus videos in
3 of the next 4 weeks and then I’ve got big plans for December, so this video’s allowed
to come in a little shorter! Bye guys.


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