Painting the Boat – Part 4 – Rudder, Foksal and Air Conditioning

alright see that’s what we’re doing
we’re pulling the runner up and that pin will finally come out of there it’s
almost out now this thing’s not actually brass what it is it’s just been welded
over and then turned into the lathe and this is a chunk of nitrile nickel
aluminum bronze it’s acts like a dome bearing so it’s got you know the high
spots right there it’s got another one down inside the bottom of the cuff there
and they just touch each other right in the middle see that little round circles
where it actually turns on it all right straighten that out now the other thing
to notice we filled this compartment with diesel a long time ago and you see
that little oily spot right there that’s a diesel seep so this can we know it’s
got a little bit of a pinhole down in there somewhere
so we’ll take care of that with some TIG maybe maybe because it’s not absolutely
necessary today is going to be the hottest day yet
hundred and ten on our heat index looking forward about not my sandblast poker and broke all
this stuff off okay don’t knock the tank over again we originally were going to run these
bars all the way across but that was too hard to handle so we cut them down the
smaller bars now he’s going to tap the hold over there see we run a bolt
through that arm off the pin and thread it into that hole there and that’ll keep
that bar from going or coming out it’s actually kind of cool this morning in it
we’re both sunburned and heat drain from yesterday but today it’s only going to
get to like 90 on temperature be like well under 100 on the heat index we’re
done with the pilothouse well no or not I got the sandblasting then I’m done the
San Blas house this cap is blue in Ryan this morning is charged with making a
gadget he’s gonna run said gadget up through the shaft log for sanding now
and later painting it I’ve been up washing all the sand off
the deck and Navy’s out here Barry out of there yeah that shit just pulled back
I don’t really tighten in there we got to work on that too gotta figure out a
way of mounting it in there yeah pick another out I think if you put something
past it it’ll drop down we can hook it and pull it back I use this type are construction tape to
seal off various and in hindsight I would such a good idea
Lisa sticky tar behind I guess it would be all right and then we ran put some
other paint over the top of that boy is it a mess to get off held up well the
sandblasting go see over here it stuck so good even ripped up the paint hey you feel like you’re in the Navy now where has done a beautiful job polishing
this it’s got a nice scratch mark on it that’s is that a 40 grit paper we’re
using so all the rust is gone clean down to the bare steel we’re gonna put some
coal tar on there this gadget is the Cutlass bearing it’s rubber on the
inside brass on the outside not a lot of brass I wish it was a little heavier now
some people actually use lime bori tools and pour out this which is the shaft log
so that the this Cutlass bearing has a nice tolerant fit we’re not going to do
that we’re going to use a cheap little conversion he’s gonna run a rag down
through I see you bear the marks of the coal-tar yeah well they both gonna get a lot more
of it than that soon everyone that does coal tar has the
coal tar collection his clothing line man that looks beautiful
I think did you do one coat or two coats or yet so I was the first like four it
would stop right about here really and I could see the bare metal so I’d sure I
dumped a rag little differently tried it that way and I was able to get one of
the rags to really stick so I could go back you could see it that glisten off
the top it was a shiny how you know you got it all the way on the top all the
way down well I I assumed because I went in the engine room and there was tar in
there oh okay before yeah if it made it all the way down that’s what we’ll do
two coats and so what’s the trick a big fat rag or a lot well one or two
actually less is more I think is that right yeah and then don’t want to worry
about the tip right really get the side and then
actually let it kind of get a little tacky yeah that’s it it was stickier the
first yeah drilling holes the tap on put rub screws in that hold the that was
burying their complicating how to get the rudder tube down which is a good
idea to think about it’s heavy so this air one’s gonna stay on the rudder post
once you get these four other bolts out you’ll have the quarter it was yeah try it water I bet it all right I bet nobody can guess what
this is nobody people keep asking me if you’re
gonna have one of those on the boat and I say no I’m not it’s not about trust
reading 3000 pounds of sand yesterday and I got the forward deck blasted a lot
of it anyway this is probably the worst flash rust I’ve seen so we’ll see what
we can do to get that down it’s always funny the welds flash or us more than
the steel does we’ll wipe that down to get that dust off yes I know
there it is an air conditioner on the boat but it is not going with us if you
don’t have the stomach of James Cook and more TCA and Slocum and you know a list
of other guys that didn’t even know what air conditioning was like they didn’t
know what diesel generators were either so then you don’t really have a place on
this boat okay you got to harden up a bit we’ll take it while we’re on land
and I can connect it right into well shore power another bag of sands coming
up have to go get some more got out of paintings afternoon because the steel up
there is 106 degrees and we can’t paint metal that’s overnight it just means we
go back to sandblasting I love the technique yes slather the rags and then
they go in some jobs we have are just more fun than others this is the second
car reticular yeah this one in particular we’re getting rid of the last
of our epoxy paint let’s see it go to waste okay that was awesome three people is
just fantastic – how these are all done we look at that there’s hardly any flash
rust on that at all I think my solution was too diluted up top yesterday I mean
sweet blast that again just start over what are we doing this morning just no
that’s right building a boat yeah this is Chris me wrote me earlier
from Hawley Michigan yeah I don’t know remember who it is but yeah there’s
another Hawley Michigan own list hey if anybody knows of a expedition steel
sailboat 50 to 65 feet he’s gonna be in the market here very soon since he sells
a house you know we don’t want to stuff that’s listed he can find that but if
you know somebody that has one drop us a comment lines over there tripping the
end off my hose on my sandblast gun but I tell you what I am surprised how well
that have to get everything that’s last with it has been doing a wonderful job
are you eating no we’re putting some wood dowel pins in
our shear pin holes so we don’t get any pain in there other things are machined
I guess we get some bolts for filling the bolt holes what is that 3/8 inch you
think you got a great crew in the mow your yard actually we get a lot of great
crew oh it feels lovely in here yeah the gold air is coming down from above I’m
going to eat anything okay bag number two you today don’t get any stand on my
grass exactly yeah we’re getting all the sand
and drying the water off we washed it off this morning one more time it’s a
great way of getting all a little sand out of the little crevices see this this
is immaculate now it’s great painting is just a whole bunch of opposites put
together you got to have it dry and you got to wash it before you drive you’ve
got to have it debris free so the fan has to go and then you’re walking
through the sand so you got to wash the whole decks down to get it cleaned up if
you can walk up here without track and sand but Chris here has been raving
about airless prayers and I actually think we can use one on the hall because
you know it to me it’s about how it’s good at quality of the job you get with
the done with the paint everything else you know paint on a metal boat is the
important thing to get right so that’s why we’re using this real nice primer
the dink primer and it leaves a nice grid on it
we’re sandblasting you know down all the way we’re making sure it’s be greased
and it’s dry and we’re doing it right so it’s taken a lot of time but when it
comes to putting the next coat on it has a lot to do with it’s got to go on
quickly if it’s gonna have to overcoat it’s got to be done quickly because of
paint you know when you put on epoxy paint you got so much time and then you
got to get the second coat on if you’re gonna put a second coat on because it
has to want the crosslink when epoxy hardens up basically plastic forming and
you want the second coat to form into the layer of the first coat they call
that a cross-linked so anyway it’ll be handy and fast to put on the coal-tar
with a sprayer so we’re gonna go look at sprayer today he knows about him he’s
used them on his barns and his equipment so he’s got me to almost contempt
two thirds and then yeah and then stuck you know I’m wondering if we couldn’t
just build it up with epoxy and shit we just coat the thing a little bit and
slide it in yeah man I don’t think we’re gonna need shit I love that with the
pain in there and I got the grub screws on over there coming soon and we lost
Carl yesterday he’s flying out on the same flight today though I love having
you here thank you very much that’s great good
now you go back and do Navy things well get a few days elastic beautiful back
tell you good the Guam and just make the heat a little more shocking we get there
does action pay me in the boat culmination of eight and a half nine
years the beautiful purple primer purple Phil security and he’s been inside yes ladies and
gentlemen he’s painting inside it’s a wonderful thing
fun when it’s next to godliness Doug’s been breathing the paint vapors a
little bit there’s a buck shot of Doug Jackson uh-oh he said he can’t give me
the camera anymore he doesn’t trust me too late try and finish it up tonight when the
Sun Goes Down about eight o’clock I mean we only got like an hour and a half to
paint between giving it time for the due to dry off and when it gets over a 90
degrees probably less than an hour the side of the hall is just hitting 90
degrees now yeah it’s the Sun now this has been in the Sun this morning yes can
you believe this one guy builds a boat like this with the help of many but
nonetheless the guy builds a boat like this okay well arrived from McMaster is
our grub screws and here’s a question for you armchair engineers is will six
grub screws be enough to hold and take the forces from the Cutlass bearing and
I’m thinking maybe they will do anything for that they can take this thing out
easy it wouldn’t have a lot of friction to it yeah I plug that in is that
Alright you kill the new one yeah yeah the old one died I’ll take that to
the cash what you got your button oh Jesus the
sweaty butt – yeah I got butt sweat you – oh that’s are you viewers into bucks
wow that feels good to have done look at this beautiful deck okay we came over
here bringing up some parts and David drops his part into the it’s good to be
young and long and lean there’s a bigger house right up here just go forward
oh he’s gonna come through the MassDEP all right you’re just making it you’re
just making fun of us how fat we are there’s no way I get my ass to there
special guest here today okay the amazing thing is how far this guy could
throw a frisbee okay we’ll show you that but he’s also a naval architect okay you
never thought you’d see one here there he is
David here is from New Orleans he went to school where I went to school the
University of New Orleans for a naval architecture marine engineering yeah and
you again now you work as a naval surveyor for cargo vessels marine
surveyor on the Mississippi River Marines hurry up yeah naval architect
marine surveyor that’s right okay thank you and we’re gonna look at well this
little boat our program was in I mean we did we did some electrical engineering
some mechanical engineering civil engineering we’re in the same building
with all the other engineers there it’s just another engineering major that’s
cool really yeah so pilot house is a requirement for windows be like you know
an inch thick for the purposes of this vessel is a
recreational vessel now now see he said something if he’s it recreational vessel
the difference being a recreational end up together
definitely you’d have a recreational vessel a commercial commercial or
inspected vessel inspected yeah what does that mean so an inspected vessel
has to be inspected and certified by the Coast Guard for certain purposes if it’s
based on the size or the operation of the vessel it’s taking people out for
hire and the quantity of the people okay and so there’s different inspections I
give it if it has passengers or is a fishing vessel or freighter there’s
different rule sets for all developments in vessels yeah where do these rules in
college is that what you did well we touched on some of them in our program
it’s hard to go in-depth on all because there’s such a wide range but who makes
these rules it’s the it’s it’s called the well the Coast Guard I believe the
rule said they go by is the CFR Code of Federal Regulations
right that’s a rule set that you can look
order a book you can look at CFR calm really and it’s kind of tricky to
navigate but it’s God he’s got it all in there
furniture I have a Coast Guard number okay so I’m registered with the US Coast
Guard you be registered as a recreation of us but I’m written into the records
yet left that if you get pulled over on the water by the Coast Guard as a
recreational vessel they’re gonna look for a few things they’re gonna look for
lifejackets they’re gonna make sure you have mr. safety in Spanish what they go
sexually safe to you so we got to have all the things that you’re crazy if you
don’t have like yeah noisemaker noisemaker navigational
lights right nose dude to pan on those changed based on the length of the
vessel does change so I’m just gonna fit them like these a sleeve or something
fun yeah don’t do it’s better to do one of
the other you know yes for those of you that play disc off you
may recognize this guy he is famous okay David Wiggins is the world championship
holder how far eleven hundred eight feet eleven
quarter-mile he’s thrown this disc or one like this anyway disgusting his
mother doesn’t know it yet but he bought this and rode this to us how many miles
you cover last night 680 miles got the win we got the win with you the
automobile get it back oh yeah we’re gonna find that on the roof of the shop
you like that help of a bunch of other people okay if you’ve been supporting SV seeker
by buying her a junk or giving us paypal or donations or whatever thank you very
much we appreciate it we’re gonna pass some of your love on the bar today that
air conditioner that’s for him Jezebel don’t eat the cat food damn
straight you know it’s hot out here Jezebel chase goes off gift for you sir
shit me no I’m not shitting you this is from sissy seeker donors to you
a gift for all your hard rock on your food incredible creation we thought
maybe you should be cooler than what you are you’re not getting a bit that jump
dog eat that string shit you’re not do we help you with a ten and then you
haven’t that much help Bart’s done the majority of this thing by himself and if
you want to watch what he does he puts really lame videos not like not like
seeker videos no there are nothing like you go to Facebook and it’s Tulsa tiny
homes and Bart’s the main guy that puts the stuff up there you’re welcome to ask
any questions about it but he’s done a marvelous job from the ground up on this
trailer so our hats off to you for sticking with it every day a little bit
you have watch get you down man what do you think Jezebel you know say back here
in the shaker there it is the whole thing yeah see look a little familiar
red cedar and got some beautiful floors and back going there will be the bed
this this room sticks out here is the bathroom we built all the cabinet and
he’s doing all the work lovely job what you build today you


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