Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Mom Draws. Yayy! I draw flower! [Ross] Mom! That’s my spot, what are you doing?
[Mom] Oh! I’m sorry. [Ross] These are actually pretty good? Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross draws! Today, I’m here with my Mom. Yes. Hi Mom. [Mom] Hi, hi, we’re gonna draw together? [Ross] I had a fun video idea today. If I invited my mom over here to start the drawing, and then I could maybe finish it off. [Mom] Yeah, sounds good. Mom and Ross Draws! Let’s get started! And she is just gonna draw whatever she wants. I’m kind of scared to see what she comes up with, but hey! Ready Mom? [Mom] Yes.I’m ready. [Ross] Show me what you got. [Mom] Okay. I need to draw the girl. Tree. She’s wearing a dress. Milo. Sitting next to her. The wind blows. [Ross] That’s uh..
[Mom] Yeah?! [Ross] That’s Milo! That looks like an alien puppet. Thanks Mom! This is great. This is what my mom came up with. I’m always up for a challenge, so I’m just gonna try to reinterpret this, and I’ll check back soon. This is my interpretation of my mom’s drawing. We have a girl sitting on a tree. We have Milo! Or maybe a fox. I’m really liking the story and mood right now, so I am just going to try to paint this thing. And I’ll check back soon. Do you have a name for your piece? [Mom] Hanging on a tree.
[Ross] Hanging on the tree? [Mom] Gazing at the moon. [Ross] Gazing at the moon or hanging on the tree? What do you guys like better? [Mom] Lazy girl.
[Ross] Lazy girl! Oh, I like that! This is the progress of lazy girl. We have a fox sitting on the ledge here, the trees. There’s not a lot of preparation that went into this because I just had to do it on the spot. So, I’m a little nervous today. Lazy girl. What a brilliant, brilliant name. I darkened the sky, so we have a really nice contrast between the subject and the background. I’m going to show you something that’s saving me right now. Which is this magical brush! Looks like petals or leaves of some sort. I’m gonna show you the importance of shape! We see here, that the leaves are is, whatever is in the back, and a little ambiguous. We’re just gonna apply this brush on the edges. In character design, to sell what really matters, like Spongebob or Patrick Star. We’re using the silhouette of the shape to give information about what it is. And then, we’re gonna dab a little bit. So, this is before, and after. Before, and after. And it’s all thanks to this one brush right here. I’m giving it away for free on my Gumroad! Head to Gumroad, Ross draws to grab this for yourself. Try it out. Let me know what you think. I’m gonna wrap this up, and I’m check back soon. Yo lazy girl!
[Mom] It’s color dodge time! [Ross] Oh lazy girl, here we go. Ooo! [Mom] More power activate! Milo, your turn! Wow! Yaa! Wow, your turn! Really good job! Hey guys. Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed the episode. That was a lot of fun! What’d you think Mom?
[Mom] It’s wonderful! It’s amazing to transform my drawing to the beautiful-
[Ross] Oh, okay Mom. [Mom] Thank you.
[Ross] All right, okay. All right, yes. And the print winner is…
[Mom] Franklin Chu. [Ross] Franklin Chu! Congratulations! And if you want a chance to win one of these prints, this episode’s question is… Growing up, what is something you’ve always wanted, but your parents never let you have? [Both] A lot. [Ross] One thing I wanted growing up, that you never let me have was uh… [Mom] See, nothing.
[Ross] No, I’m trying to think. My internet time. My computer time. But she always takes it away. I can’t play MapleStory. Or DOTA. She would restrict my hours to like one or two hours a day. And then she would unplug my computer. Lock me inside a room, and I can’t play until tomorrow. Thank you guys for being here. Thank you mom for participating in this video. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, [Mom] Every day is color dodge day.

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