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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are doing amazing I’m currently melting over here in South California, LA I’m very excited for this video. It’s been quite a challenge for me, but I had a lot of fun Um, if you follow me Instagram, you might know what I’m talking about I posted this photo of this, um of these jeans that I that I painted on I partnered up with Poshmark for this video. Maybe you guys don’t know what Poshmark is. It’s basically an app where you can buy or sell clothes They actually have a bunch of designer clothing. Um, like I’ve seen some Nike, Adidas And even like Michael Kors, I know my best friend she loves Michael Kors. let’s go check it out and maybe we’ll find some stuff I’ve taken ten items in my closet that I either don’t use anymore Or that I wanted to paint for you guys or that they were too small for me. So I’ve decorated them Um, some of them are painted Some of them are just like little things here and there that I thought it would make them look even cooler I’m gonna live a link in the description box So you guys can check it out and it’s going to bring you directly to my closet and you guys can create your own Closet and you can sell your clothes the ones that you don’t Really use or you don’t want anymore and then you can get some cash which is always really nice And you can check out my closet if you feel like you’re interested in some of the items that I’ve shown you here This is my, ok let me focus here This is my closet over here and have the items that I’m going to show you how I decorated like these are my favorite pair of jeans Which is the Adams creation. it’s very much like Instagram, which is kind of cool And you can find so many things; so many cool offers! Yeah, so it’s basically a place for people, um, to sell and buy clothing items. That’s it Okay, I’m gonna show you now the items that I did. Let’s get into it. All righty, so let’s start with a flame jeans I’ve seen this design like everywhere and a lot of brands and I just saw all these jeans, they were perfect for this Cameras on and it’s quite easy to make yeah I’m using this jeans that I don’t really use because they’re very tight on my butt I think my hips so I just figure somebody else could use them And basically what I’m doing is I’m using first the lighters the lighter color which is a yellow office Lee and then just go ahead and put the orange on top and then the Red, which is the last one. it was a little bit tricky because these These paints, they’re not acrylics. They’re…I bought them specifically for clothes and I didn’t end up liking them a lot But oh, well, I tried to work with them for the most part at the beginning And I just end up hating them and switching to oils. So don’t want me like going back and forth to this acrylics materials There you go. They had design is pretty easy to make as you can see The second one is based on one of my favorite Paintings ever what? She’s staring at by Van Gogh and I think a lot of people are a fan of these painting. So I Obviously had to make something like inspired by PI Van Gogh So I’m using these Levi’s shorts and what I’m doing first is I’m doing like one layer of white acrylic paint because The cloth from the jeans is very absorbing and the color is not going to translate In a real way and it’s going to show much darker than the color is itself So I think putting one layer of acrylic of white acrylic is really important. And now I’m just sketching out a design Free-handing a little bit. I think that’s the cool thing about this painting. That is just very It has like a lot of move and he doesn’t have to be perfect And so yeah, I did struggle as well with his paintings because oh my god I don’t know why they were so dry And I’m so used to the oil painting that it was very hard for me to repay me with this fabric This fabric acrylics, but I think it turned out okay But she said that My next one is this one which I found this image online Um, and I feel really inspired by it Like I thought it was such a cool idea to use two hands like from major Michelangelo’s Adams creation Which is a gorgeous painting. I remember starting it when I was in high school, and it was really really impressive I actually got to visit in in Rome even though it’s based on painting from like ages ago. I did like that. I Basically, like did the same idea that someone had even though it wasn’t like an original design It’s still an original idea to the positioning and I don’t want to get any economical benefits from this So what I’m gonna do is all the money that I raised with these clothes Not only this one, but all of them. I’m going to donate them to a woman’s shelter in LA I think I’ve been looking at this one that is in downtown There’s a bunch but um, but yeah I’m going to donate all the money that we get with this and I think it’s really cool So yeah, I’m really I’m really excited about it By the way, I don’t know I don’t know if you noticed but I started using a pair of jeans but I ended up switching because They were very very dark for the painting. So yeah, I’m using my favorite pair of jeans these lad ones but like I said, I I really enjoy the fact that someone else is having my jeans, but the painting that I did The next item is these jeans which I love they’re so small. I can’t even fit a leg. Oh my goodness And I was inspired by another artist Jackson Pollock well Inspired but it definitely doesn’t look as good as his paintings but I think it was really interesting the idea like splattering all these paint which I haven’t really done on actually such a Artists cliche, but I’ve never actually done it And it was just so so nice and so free. I was I know I just thought it was really really cool um I just make sure you put a bunch of plastic on the floor because I was a bigger brush and I think My neighbor he’s gonna kill me actually I’m a beginner and you know like then I was like, oh my god, they look like bacon But then I end up liking this fading Look, and I thought he even look like marbles. So I was pretty happy about it This flannel sleeves shirt, I bought I got these to Goodwill, I love shopping at Goodwill, I think they have so many good things you have to really search and they’re so cheap So what I did, I just called both sleeves in both shirts and I’m basically glue them together. That’s as easy as it is He looks pretty impressive um I tried to to use needle and a thread but I’m so bad at it that I just give up and I end up using my trusty 86-thousand or Chism I closed specifically for clothing and it ended looking really really good. I mean I was impressed And this I felt really inspired by The brand that you might already know because I mentioned it in a lot of my videos, which is I am Coco They makes clothes and they get them together and it looks so good So I just thought I should give it a try and I end up really liking it. I’m quite proud of this piece Like All right, the next one is this beret that I Like it but then I didn’t because I didn’t really use them as much as I should so I had this random Pattern said nope, and I thought it was super cute because of the pink So what I’m gonna do I’m just going basically You should actually add on it, but I don’t have an iron. So what I’m gonna use is a Heat gun. I think it’s cold. I used to use it for cosplay But it acts kind of like an iron, I think. What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna press it against the the beret. I’m gonna use my Yankee Candle pressure and It actually worked pretty well. So I was I was happy about it and I thought it was really really cute the way it looked The next one I called it the Backstreet Boys shirt because there was very 90s It was like a really like it has long sleeves and it was a long shirt. So I decided to give it a little trim It was very easy as you guys can see it’s just I’m cutting those sleeves Carefully that I don’t mess up a both sleeves and then I make it a crop top and that should be it So the answer would end up looking a little bit nicer I’m gonna take these tweezers Was there like a unicorn super cute? I’m gonna like, pluck, the small threads at the end So it looks it makes a huge difference in my opinion And the next one I know is summertime because they’re gonna kill me but the jacket is so cute It’s such a beautiful vintage jacket and I just thought needed something So I took my dinosaur patch, which is super cute and I love dinosaurs He’s my little t-rex and I did the same with the beret I’m just gonna take out my heat gun and I’m gonna heat it up and I’m gonna press it with my Yankee Candle and I thought I I don’t I give it like a little something-something Please do one of my favorite items is the flower boots So how these boots that I really like but I can’t use it because they’re pretty small on me believe it or not have a really big cookie that I think I have a European 40 slice, I don’t know how much doesn’t they use. I think I’m a nine or a nine something So yeah, I’m doing the same technique this time with oil. I learned my lesson But I’m putting first like a white base just so the colors would stand on more because I’m black It’s very hard for them to stand out. So yeah, and I’m just going like free handing some roses umm What a surprise but I just thought it was it was a Really good contrast with black and all the pinks and then a little bit of the green And then my last item is this a really cool jacket and I found this random photo and a shirt But it was from Elle it was that a photos more of a design a thing But it’s at like Los Angeles in a really horrible font So I took out the font and I used the design and I just glue it in and I just thought it looked so cool I’m a little bit sad to give away this Jack but uh, yeah, I’m happy that somebody else just has it honestly, like I love seeing people with um, the things that I create either painting or this clothing so Yeah Yes So that is how I made them I really hope you guys like it Sadly, there’s only like one one item. Like I only decorated one item the same way So once that item is bought it’s gone if you guys get anything from my closet I would love love to see you know, you guys that would be my pleasure don’t forget to check out a link in the description box everything for your own closet and check out mine or anybody else’s that you’re Interested. I think it’s a really cool way to to bottom sell and used clothes But we might not use it anymore I recently donated to Goodwill a bunch of clothes, but this is a really look lied to you Especially since I we touched them we’re a patient of them. I think is very personal and I really like that Thank you so much to Poshmark for partnering with me I think it’s amazing that brands just really only put these things and I just love getting creative So I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys very soon


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