Painting Metal Pipes: Valspar Aged Black Iron Paint

Using clean, prepped pipes, spray on a thick
base coat of Valspar Manhattan Mist texture paint. Make sure you coat the pipes well,
and pay special attention to the threads and joints. Once that’s dry, use a wedge cut from a sea
sponge to dab on Valspar Cabin Plank paint. Don’t cover the first coat of paint completely,
you want a kind of ‘mottled’ look. When that dries, go in and sponge on the next
coat – Valspar Lincoln Cottage Black. Use this to cover any spots where the first coat,
the texture paint, is still showing. Mix two parts Valspar Cinnamon Cake paint
to one part water, and use a foam brush to dab the paint around the threaded areas, and
along random areas of the pipe, anywhere you want that ‘rusted’ effect. While the paint’s still wet, mist the areas
with water until the paint runs, dab away the excess water and let the pipes dry. That’s
it ‘instant’ aged iron.


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