Painting Inside Out Episode 1 with artist Bruce Bingham

Hi welcome to Painting Inside Out and
I’m Bruce Bingham. I’m glad you could join me. Today let’s take a look around
my studio. Okay I can hear what you’re thinking. What is that? No that’s not a pillow it’s my fluffy buddy Robi. We met in 2007
when I was living in France. He’s got one job, taking care of me, and he takes it
very seriously. Sometimes he falls asleep on the job,
but that’s okay, we have matching sofas here so we can meditate- aka- nap. Lets walk around and see some more, here’s a viewing area where I put my recent work decide
whether I want it framed or if it’s gonna make the cut, and a workstation
where I paint, and a desk. Want to have a look at what’s on the easel? The
painting I’ve chosen for this podcast is a painting that I worked on and
abandoned. Now when a painting isn’t working for me I can pretty much
guarantee it’s my drawing and my value. I know that I do better when I think of
things as shapes and patterns and spots of color, not as a car per se. So to trick
myself into thinking that it’s not a car I’m going to turn it upside down. What I
did was I printed out my reference and then I put it in a sheet and remeasured
my drawing putting little red marks where it was incorrect. Now I’m gonna
turn it upside down and just think of it as value. It’s risky because it didn’t
work the first time, but no risk no reward.
Let’s give it a whirl. While this isn’t a how to paint tutorial, I will be sharing tips
and techniques that I’ve picked up along the way. One of them are these great art
gloves. You can find them at great art and they keep my fingers
away from contact with the paint and they’re washable- okay let’s go! For this last bit I have to make sure
that the lights are even and I want to try to make the highlights create form on the hood. That’s it for this episode, it’s been really
fun having you here with me. I bought myself a new toy so next time we’re
gonna be taking that outside. Please stay tuned and thanks for following along.
Until next time – ciao for now!


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