Painting in Public Parks (Film Photography&Plein Air Paintings)

first location is bluffer’s park and beach these are some lovely rocks Although I did a bit of scouting a week before I come here to paint and actually took a photo of this weird tree in the area I still want to have a quick walk around before I start to paint these are some big rocks the weather is just amazing that’s a nice Rock so here is the composition I want to paint, a panoramic view I use an app on my phone called “Light Meter” to meter the light I’m taking photos with my medium format film camera GW 690II with some Fujifilm pro 400H leftovers still loaded from last time some basic acrylic pigments as you can see I have primed my canvas to red I saw some people doing it on Instagram and want to try it myself after all this is a painting study, it is for me to
experiment new things to learn coloring in the lake, I add a touch of
yellow, you know when yellow meets blue they go crazy and they turn green, so a hint of green like mint green? is that mint green? I don’t know painting a painting of my friend painting like.. whaaaaat I really love those rocks like I really love those rocks after an hour and 40 minutes painting
the Sun gets lower and lower and I take some more reference photos with sunset lighting metering again take a shot take a shot
take a shot take a shot take a shot actually I didn’t take that many shots
because first of all Y’all boy’s not that rich K? those films cost $$$ secondly I’m just framing second place is Earls Bales Park today the weather is not as good it is quite windy but still got some sunshine poking through clouds from time to time I decided my composition today I didn’t bring my film camera oh I should mention this is my first time doing plein air oil painting that’s why I’m wearing the blue gloves because oil paints are not that
easy to wash off thirty minutes into painting it starts to feel cold so I decided to do some knee kicks and one single Burpee hi I’m also taking pictures of you most people didn’t see my camera I strapped on a tree across me except for these kids, these kids are smart Look at that Beautiful you guys want paint like that when you grow up guys? no man and another 30 minutes or so it gets so cold that my hands literally shake like 2011 Fukushima earthquake I can no longer paint but apparently it’s only deep in the park where there is a lot of trees,
it’s cold In open areas like the grass field outside is at least five degrees warmer it’s still early so I paint for another 40 minutes with a new composition there now it is the next day back at my studio because I used plenty of Liquin Original when I was painting outside the painting is able to be touch dry overnight so I spent another hour to paint details and add contrast by making the light
areas lighter, dark areas darker there we go I think this is a decent painting Third place is Edwards Gardens I have high hopes for this place because I need to pay for parking here the weather is mostly cloudy and windy which is a nicer way of saying it is freaking cold so here is my composition the fountain statue as the focal point I started painting late today because I spent a bit too much time in art supply store and traffic so after just 50
minutes of painting I have to go home soon I stop painting and wipe out my
camera to take some reference photos but you may notice I unlocked the
shutter here but I forgot to take the lens cap off unbelievable this is a rangefinder camera when framing, one does not look through the lens but look through a window on the top corner and I’m not used to that so I return the next day I have a high hope to make everything right this time because I have to pay parking, again I spent some time walking around stalking squirrels and then decide to start painting with a new composition here it’s vertical and my gloves are yellow this time it feels like a whole new world let’s forget yesterday’s unfortunate and have a fresh start I like this composition I spent over an hour painting here I take a few reference photos with Ektar
100 film time to move on to the fountain place from yesterday I spent more than
40 minutes on this painting again but I feel like I’m stuck I don’t like this painting maybe it’s because I shifted the tone too much during different Lightings maybe I can fix it later it’s time to go home I snap some reference photos with Kodak Portra 400 film with lens cap off
this time back to my studio I spend another two hours work on some details, lights, and shadows this is a good painting study the one with the composition I’m most pleased with actually I see how I can paint this one into a 24 by 48 inch big canvas and maybe I will so that was my recent plein air sessions I recommend you to go out paint as well because the physical places has something unique to offer the ambient sound the smell the temperature the encounters with other life objects They will all be a part of your painting it’s more alive than just a photo you are translating the light onto a canvas you are not just a printer you are a printer with emotions and that’s why I love painting thanks for watching subscribe if you watched all the way to
the end here see you in the next video

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