Painting Hack: Tracing to canvas (Mis Vid)

‘Ello, are you sad you can’t draw as good as everyone everyone else in your family? Well, this video’s for you! It’ll teach you how to trace your drawing so you can paint it so you don’t need no skill. I’m going to show
you how I use carbon paper to trace my drawing onto the canvas because I’m not
very good at drawing what you see here is an image printed out at six inches by
six inches behind it is six inches by six inches of carbon paper behind that
is a canvas six by six inches If only all things could be so simple and match up perfectly. you can faintly see some discoloration here
that’s because previously I had the painting on this canvas didn’t like it
and painted white over it so my intention is to recycle the canvas I
also recycled the carbon paper I have done other 6×6 inch paintings and used
this method you can see the lines where the carbon paper has transferred over to
my canvas previously but all these dark areas are unused carbon paper so I will
reuse the same sheet as many times as I can. What are you doing everyday to save our earth? Huh? What are you doing? just to show you that I taped down
the image the carbon paper and securely fastened it to my canvas board next you
get to see a very close-up of my hand cells my epidermis. I see your epidermis, your epidermis is showing. and I usually just
use a normal pencil to trace on the image which then transfers through to my
canvas this image shows you what areas I would
prioritize not only do I do the main outline of the berries and the branch
but I will do the general shapes of the background where changes in color are
taking place this is showing a little bit of a mishap. What, you never make a mistake? I don’t know why the carbon paper didn’t transfer my tracings over
it might be the type of white paint I used or maybe I didn’t use white paint. It was so long ago I can’t even remember what used I have had this situation where I didn’t
press hard enough and nothing transferred over so I’m gonna try again
photos a little blurry but you can see that I’ve gone over the berries again
the the line is thicker here but I didn’t go over the background again I’m
worried that my lines won’t come through at all and I don’t want to confuse
myself with background lines so I’m focusing on just the main subject this
is a close-up of the canvas after my second round of tracing it’s still very
faint. Can I just see what you’re paint over there–what you’re painting? but I can see enough to do my tracing using burnt umber I am reinforcing the pencil lines in
areas where I lost the pencil lines completely I’m using my photo as a
reference and just doing my best to draw them in here is back and forth you can
kind of see the pencil lines here’s part of the branch, berries, the leaf and that’s
where I drew it in so you can see that I really had to search for those lines
but they still helped me a lot I was really surprised at how large the
berries were looking at the photograph they really didn’t look that big I
filled in the rest with burnt sienna this is what I call my under painting
I know basically where the shapes of my painting will end up but I haven’t
actually started painting anything yet in fact most of this will be completely
covered by the time I’m done painting you could say this serves as a guide. Thanks for watching this video, it was really nice to have you around. really nice to have you around

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