Painting a Door Frame | Benjamin Moore

Your doorway can provide a dramatic entrance
in to a room and serve as a decorative frame for your décor. But since it’s also an
area where people pass, it might also show signs of wear and tear. Now people often bump
in to a doorway, especially when moving furniture in to and out of a room, so providing a fresh
coat of paint to a doorframe and trim can potentially enhance the look of the entire
room. Again, choose a good quality paintbrush and paint to provide the best effect. Now we recommend using a sheen that’s higher
in gloss than what’s on your walls as this will showcase your trim and doors by separating
from the rest of the walls. However, this is a personal choice. Now use a paint brush
rather than a roller for this project to provide a professional quality look. Now rollers are
typically used to paint larger surfaces like the walls and ceilings. Now you wanna make sure that you hold the
paintbrush around the metal part of the brush that holds the bristles for the best control
for your paint. Start by painting the door frame from the top to the bottom. And then
with the door ajar, it’s time to start painting the trim. You want to start by carefully cutting
in near the inside wall like so, and then continue painting around the rest of the trim
to achieve a professional looking finish. Wait until the paint completely dries before
you go adding a second coat to the doorframe and trim.

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