Painted faces fill the places I can’t reach | Grey’s Anatomy

You encouraged me to stay. You offered me a home, and a family. And I accepted. And I wasn’t kidding, I will go down swinging for you. It means something to me. I thought I could trust you. You can. From here on out. I’m fine. It’s okay, I’m fine. Are you? The two of us, we’re been through hell. Just get it out. Get it all out. We got through it. You’re all I have left. I thought I could count on you to tell me the truth. But you’re been lying this whole time. This is why you hate me? Cause I remind you of him? I was trying to do the right thing. Well, you didn’t. We both know you don’t like me, but you’re stuck with me. So here I am. In a room with no family. And no help, and no one on my side but YOU. So what can you do for me? You can stay in your room if you want. It’s clean I’m still mad at you. That’s okay. Every Sunday, I wanna do waffles. Like a family, all of us. You, me, the kids, Pierce. Everybody. All together. Okay? You’ll be okay. This is about you! Do you need me to be fragile? Do you need me to fall apart? Will that help you? You’ll be just fine. Stop making this about me. Stop using me as an excuse to make yourself feel better Of course I will be fine. I don’t need to feel better. Stuff like this happens, and I’m built for it. I’m ALWAYS fine, don’t you know that? This is about you. Who you are will be gone. You’re not trash. Don’t ever let anyone say that. I will go down swinging for you, Alex, you know I will. What about you? We’re more alike than we realize. Is it just blind loyalty? It’s not blind. He’s earned it.


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