Paint VS Powder Coat? Whats Best!?

(laughs) – I’m sorry, I can’t stop. – [Man] It’s not funny. – It’s kind of funny, okay. Hey, guys, what’s up,
it’s Claire (upbeat music) back again from Fitment Industries, and today we’re gonna be talking about something a little different. We’re gonna be talking about
paint versus powdercoat. Now I know a lot of you guys are obviously familiar with
paint and how that works, but some of you might not be as familiar with powdercoat, so we’re
gonna take them head to head and see which one you should
use for what parts on your car. First we’re gonna talk
about what most of us know pretty well and that is paint. Now paint is obviously just a liquid that is sprayed onto a metal product for a colored finish. Now the process for painting something goes a little bit like this. First, you really, really, really, really have to clean the
product that you’re gonna paint. You know that episode of Sponge Bob where he’s sitting at the table like this, and a little speck of dust drops on it, and he just quick sprays
it and wipes it off as fast as possible? That’s gotta be you with
what you’re about to paint. So once you have it all
cleaned and prepped, you just simply spray it on, and paint is pretty difficult
compared to powdercoat to get that even finish. As far as application goes, when you powdercoat something,
it needs to be heated. When you paint something, it doesn’t. So that could also play a part
in whether you’re deciding to powdercoat something
or paint something. But there are some cons to painting, too. When you paint something, you have to apply a lot of layers, and in those layers, you can see drips, you can see little mistakes. A lot of times when you look at a car, you see a lot of orange peel. It seems like it’s a lot
easier to mess a paint job up rather than powdercoating, so that is also something
definitely to keep in mind, however, if you’re not the one painting, you don’t really have to worry about it. Alright, so what is powdercoating? A lot of you know what powdercoating is, but you don’t really know how it works or how it’s applied. So what powdercoating is is
actually, literally a powder that is electrostatically,
that was a little tough to say, electrostatically clung to the object, and then heat comes into play, and then it actually melts it, and it just covers the entire object, and that’s what gives it
that strong, durable finish, which paint actually doesn’t have, and that’s why a lot of people
will powdercoat their wheels, they’ll powdercoat engine
bay pieces, you name it. Powdercoating is also
very customizable, too, so don’t let that deter you
between paint and powdercoat if you think paint is more customizable, you can get powdercoat in
a ton of different colors, so also keep that in mind when
you’re deciding what to do. However, if you are looking
for that thin finish, you’re not gonna get it with powdercoat. It obviously is a very
thick finish, like I said, for durability purposes. So some disadvantages to powdercoating would be that it can’t
produce that thin finish that paint can, and it
can be a little expensive if you’re looking to do it yourself, so I would recommend
finding a shop that does it because you’re gonna need
an oven, you’re gonna need all sorts of equipment
to get the job done. So what do you do? What I would usually do is that stuff that you want to be more durable like I mentioned before,
like wheels and stuff, powdercoat it. If you want it to hold up
and not chip away as easy, powdercoat it. But if you’re looking for
that depth and that clarity, paint it. It all depends on what you’re looking for, what you’re painting, and
what you have in your head, (babbling) eh-the-p-the-the, and what you have envisioned in your head. Hopefully this you guys
understand the difference between paint and powdercoat
a little bit more. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, check out our website at, and we’ll see you next time, peace.

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