Paint Pouring on Canvas – DIY Tutorial on How to Pour Tie Dye Painting Picture

Hi I’m Sarah from And today’s video… we’re going to show you how to pour paint and make a nice
painting. First you’ll need some basic craft paint. Even the two bottles for a
dollar stuff works great. You’ll need water, any size canvas, some school glue, and little cups for pouring the paint. A craft
stick and gloves help too. This project gets really messy so be
sure to put down some thick cardboard so you don’t get paint everywhere. For each
paint color mix one part water and one part school glue. Be sure to mix up your
craft paint first then add two parts paint. This doesn’t have to be exact. You
just want the paint to pour nicely but not too watery. This is so easy even my
brother could do it. You can do this in so many different ways, but I like to
pour several circles of paint around the canvas. I try to go in rainbow order so
the colors don’t get muddy. But you can do whatever you want. I like to add some
white in between so that it gives a nice marbled effect. It looks like a big mess, Sarah! It’s supposed to be that way! Whatever…! Take your craft stick and drag
the colors like this to add some designs to your paint. You don’t want to do this
too much – just a few lines in each direction. Now this is the fun part –
tilting your painting to cover all parts of the canvas. It’s fun to watch the
paint slowly slide along the canvas. Let your
painting dry overnight and hang it on the wall tomorrow. Actually, it kind of looks nice. Please subscribe to Sarah’s YouTube channel. And like and comment on this
video. And please visit Thanks Punk!


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