Paint for Commercial Exteriors – Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial™

When it comes to exteriors, there are many
coating options that make sense. Concrete may be best suited for a coating
like Loxon, or your facility may use a traditional architectural coating like SuperPaint. For metal exteriors, Pro Industrial DTM or
Multi-Surface Acrylic can be good options, giving corrosion resistance, durability, exceptional
weathering, and all with easy application. For higher performance, look at Pro Industrial
Hydrogloss. It’s a single component urethane giving
durability, without special application requirements. For the toughest commercial exteriors, use
Pro Industrial Water Based Acrolon 100. This two-component urethane is designed to
keep the boldest colors true and handle sun, rain, snow, all other weather conditions. The outside of your building is the first
thing a customer or a tenant sees. Make sure you’re making the right first impression. For more information on selecting the right
high performance coating for your facility, download the Pro Industrial app, or visit
Sherwin Williams online.

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