Hey guys this is thee Karina and this is thee Ronald. And today we are from, sis vs. bro! [Music] And today we’re gonna be doing the paint each other challenge! So basically,we’re just gonna be paining each other today. You know the good stuff. And, I’m going to be honest with you guys right now I’m super bad at art and I’m probably going to do a very bad job. And I’m super excited because you guys are going to be commenting down below, who did a better job. And I can just see the future before my eye. *Gasp* It’s going to be really good. It looks bad. I see a bright future. So let’s just get right on to his video! *Random noises* *Laughs* So the first thing we’re gonna need is paint I got a whole bunch of it . Right here. So, I’m gonna put this right in the middle. And we’re just gonna begin. Alright so. Hm, what should I paint Let me see First I shall do the skin. Then put it inside middle of plates Why is it..? Ronald, you need more paint than that! I know. It’s not good, it’s not good enough color. You need a little bit more brown and make the perfect color of your hair. Yay happy face. Alright we’re gonna mix this all in oh yeah looking exactly the same. That’s such a good color! I’m just gonna go straight, I’m not gonna mix any colors. Do any of that complicated stuff? This is looking bad? I have no idea how I’m gonna do your hair literally. I’m horrible. *Humming* This is turning out terrible, alright now we need ears. Ah, I forgot to add ears. *Laughs* What!? Well no, you don’t actually need ears. Cause the hair is covering my ears. But I need to make your ears. You’re like, what?! What, you didn’t do my ears? Now I shall put this in here. Why am I so bad at painting, exactly? I have no idea wait maybe because you’re… I’m doing okay actually. Maybe it’s because you sit around on the computer all day. Now I’m gonna do your ear. It looks bad, but you know it’s gonna be good. *Laughs* Your eyes… What about them? Okay… Uh, oh my goodness that’s so good! What? It literally looks like a spike. Look at mine! Why do I have a line between my eyes I don’t know how to get it off. Like that oh that just oh. *Exhale* *Laughs* K, that looks good. Yeah, ha! Now I’m gonna make Karina’s big red poofy lips. Okay, yeah. Draw this, smile on your face! Oh no. Wanna take a look? I’m scared too. Oh my gosh. I kinda look like something from a horror movie. *Laughs* Oh no Ronald. I’m gonna make you a pink nose. Pink nose I’m not Santa Claus Ronald. Pink nose it is. Ronald, I’m not Rudolph! Karina the red nosed person, Had a very shiny nose! *Laughs* What is that Ronald? What are you doing to me? Look this pink is good. I know I told you it’s pink, but don’t waste it, it’s one of my favorites. Now that’s what I call a good girl. That’s so good! No it’s not. Ronald would you date a girl like that? No. *Laughs* Alright, I’m gonna finish off with the hair, there you go! That’s the hair. I, oh my God! What? How? It’s not even that good. Look at your pink nose! Which one with the pink nose is an awesome painting! Yes, my evil plan worked. I am adding a little shadow underneath your chin. Now your arms are getting placed. We’re gonna make eyebrows. You gotta. Hey. Hey. What is that? Neck protection. Okay Ronald, this is gonna be like the worst nose in history, that’s so good. Thank you. Next it’s gonna be the color of your lips. Mm, they’re like more curvy kinda like. Karina everyone has curvy lips, yes some have more, yeah pointy than others. I look like a girl. You kinda do. *Laughs* Alright let’s make those nice lips. Add some red. Yeahh. Better eye color. Yep, you’re not gonna look like a girl. Yep. Ehhhhh. All right now I’m doing the pupils. Cause we’re all gonna have some pupils. I’m already done but I’m gonna add something else to make it more nicer. Like what? Like a butterfly. Oh pretty. Pretty butterfly. Alright I’m done with the eyes. Eyes are looking a little bit creepy. I must say, but you know we’re just gonna roll with it. If I add red, with blue what shall I create? You’ll make purple. That’s a good butterfly color. Alright. Oh my gosh Ronald what have I done to your eye? I’m not sure what I did. I think it actually looks a bit better like this. I’m gonna make some more that to make runoff skin color just gonna put some. Oh my gosh I literally just ruined the whole entire painting. I need some painting class. Yeah. And we need to make Ronald’s eyebrows. Which I am NOT excited about because his eyebrows are gonna be tricky I must say. What is happening to your eyebrows, it is looking a bit bad. What is happening to your picture? So guys we finally finished our paintings let’s show you guys them. *Sings vocal* So here is Ronald’s I kinda tried to go for a realistic kinda look. I put like his dots everywhere. I’ll leave three dots. And I put a picture I think it looks really good on you. I gave Karina a pink nose, and brown eyebrows, and its really smoochy lips. I don’t have brown eyebrows. And I gave Karina a pink shirt, with really big hands, and he put some brown stuff on my neck. I have no idea what that is. Neck protection, neck protection. logic. And it’s like there’s a volcano erupting behind her. Ha, you’re happy. YAY a volcano! This is the best I can do, and think this is how you look like. You think I have a pink nose. Yeah. Mkay. *Laughs* It’s in my mind the pink is right here. So guys right now in the comment section, comment down below. Which painting do you think is the winner? I think it’s mine, I think it’s mine. So guys we hope you liked this video, if you did, smash that like button! And well see you next time goodbye! [Music]

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