Open HMI Design

We believe that the future will bring
more graphical user interfaces than ever before. This will allow improved user guidance, better graphical representation and
immersive entertainment experiences. Hence the complexity of these UIs
is starting to grow dramatically. Let me show you how Candera enables an open approach to seamlessly combine technologies for creating the best
possible UIs. Human beings interact with their environment in many different ways
so why do HMI creation tools cut this flexibility when it’s so easy for creators to combine all of them into an holistic approach. With Candera you experience full flexibility in combining technologies from the provider of your
choice and delivering the next level of UIs for your customers. For full
creativity we believe that the designers have to seamlessly play with their ideas,
from first sketch to execution on target platform. This is why Candera offers
possibilities for directly working with assets from Photoshop, connecting font
render engines and importing numerous other formats. For instance 3d is all about FBX or the improved Khronos gltf format with support for shaders and
physically based rendering. This connection between design world, UI
creation and deploying the target platform enables a massive reduction of
iterations. Mostly today’s vehicles require maps and navigations. Because of
proprietary interfaces integration can be a real challenge.
Candera offers you a highly flexible template for a mapbox integration and
it’s open to be customized to any vendor of choice. Following this open easy to
integrate approach will save you time and cost and your project managers will love it. So let me summarize the future brings more graphically UIs than ever
and the complexity for creation grows dramatically. With Candera’s open
approach you can deliver best-in-class UIs for perfect user experience

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