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Hi everyone this is Andrew Chaifetz, I’m
gonna be walking you through how to use Notebowl inside of the Canvas Learning
Management System. Notebowl essentially is a Facebook-like
classroom news feed for you to be able to communicate, share an update, ask a
question, just interact with your fellow classmates and instructors as well as
TA’s all in one location and now is really the first time for you to be able
to ask and make those announcements to your entire classroom. You can be able to
share something that’s interesting to you that you found in the real world or
something that you found that maybe a little video that you want to share with
the class feel free to share information and questions with your with your entire
classroom right here. So to be able access the Notebowl tool inside of
Canvas on the left hand side you’ll see a little Bulletin tab. On that Bulletin
tab you’ll be able to access this Notebowl news feed in your class and you
can simply post something like I’m gonna post something from a YouTube of a
rocket go in a space, and I can just be able to delete that link if I want to
and then press post. When I press post it will appear right on the top I can watch
that video right from YouTube embedded live in the stream and students can
fellow students, faculty, TA’s can come on here and be able to comment and interact
with this so when you upload something it’s really nice to have a conversation
instead of you maybe emailing your instructor about something or texting or
calling or going to office hours you have another avenue in a way and a
channel if you want to communicate with your classroom and for faculty really to
answer questions for you and also if other students ask questions you have a
place now to see those questions that are being answered similar to you know
your actual classroom environment where you can raise your hand and ask
something this is the same kind of environment where you can post and ask a
question and in a virtual way raising your hand and asking that’s the entire
classroom. What’s also really nice about Notebowl is that if you are shy and
embarrassed about something you can always be able to ask that question
anonymously so you can just press post as anonymous and it’s actually
completely anonymous to students the faculty member instructor will be able
to see your name so just know that and then as well as on comments you can do
the same thing so you can just click comment as anonymous
and simply type in your question. So you can upload files you can video embed
videos right inside of here just scrolling through you can see all the
different posts it’s really nice and visual it just beautiful to be able to
see inside of this classroom inside of Canvas and this makes your classroom
experience more enjoyable that you get to know other people and be able to talk
to one another and even develop friendships from here. So that is the
basics of the Notebowl Bulletin. I’m going to show you now how to use the
discussion board tool directly inside of your assignments or in your
modules. I’m going to show you how to use it on here on assignments but you can’t
access it as well on your module. So if you go on the left hand side and click
your assignments you’ll be able to see your discussions and your different
assignments if you have for this class I’m gonna go and scroll down all way to
my past assignments and I’m gonna click on space free fall board and what that
will do is open up a discussion board for me here where I can be able to see
what I need to do in terms of this topic based discussion that’s graded. So big
difference between the bulletin and with your discussion boards here is that this
one is a graded one your bulletin is more organic kind of participation area
that’s a more community for your classroom found like a Facebook group
for your class. This is where you’re gonna have more that graded environment
where you’re required to post a certain amount of words and as well as have a
certain amount of comments for your posts and then you can be able to scroll
down below. You can see the video right here embedded in you can see the
discussion board you can be able to post your discussion board post here, and I
also see any other student posts as well. I’m going into the discussion board you can
type out a post just typing out a little post here like this is a test. You can
see that on the bottom right actually show the amount of words that
you have, when you click posts it’ll show you the preview for that as well as a
word count below. You can also comment on here and when you’re commenting it will
also show you that word count. So going into once you finish your discussion board
posts you can go over to my submission and be able to see all the feedback that
you have and all the analytics I can hide my feedback I have for my
instructor or I can open that up. I can also see any of the
analytics and metrics on the bottom as well as reply counts, word counts, I can even preview those posts or even preview all of my posts in one place
while seeing my grade with the word counts right there as well as even record audio
the reply to the instructor So that’s just a little preview of how you can use
Notebowl inside of Canvas’s Learning Management System and we’re really
excited for you to check it out and to be able to interact with your fellow
classmates and if you have any questions just reach out over [email protected]

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