No more Dull skin!! La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Brightening Cleanser!

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I’m a certified advanced esthetician in Portland Oregon and today I have a seriously exciting video to share with you so it is all about an acid that we don’t hear about very often but is an Amazing potential add to your skincare routine that acid that I am talking about if laha we all know about a a chaise and we know about phas we’ve got our Lactic acids and our glycolic acid and then we’ve got our cell silic acid. So those are our normal Eh-eh-eh-eh s LH a stands for lipo hydroxy acid lipo hydroxy acid is a derivative of salicylic acid So it’s similar to salicylic acid in that it is fat loving its oil loving and so it is really really really good at congestion and helping with pores Amazing for acne but here’s the deal laj is also fantastic for dark spots Pigment clarity dullness fine lines it is seriously the acid that does it all for those Of us of a certain age Now the thing about LH a you guys is that it sits at a pH of about? 5.5 it sits at a pH similar to the skin so I know if you’re like me and I am a skincare. Junkie Whenever I want to introduce something new into my skincare routine, it’s kind of like where am I going to fit that in? Where do I put that? Serum or that active because I’m already doing X Y & Z at night and I’m doing X Y & Z during the day how do I fit that in the cool thing about laj is typically formulated in a wash and Because it sits at that 5.5 ish pH it plays well with your vitamin C it plays well with your retinoids it plays well with all the other acids and It’s efficacious in a very short time at a very low percentage and it gives you great exfoliation Without drying you out. I Mean seriously, it’s pretty amazing. It’s been shown to work in Stimulating the skin like a retinoid. I mean, I can’t get over that. That is so incredibly cool But at the same time it’s exfoliating the surface of the skin and the pore lining I mean to me it’s almost like I do it all it’s just absolutely incredible for those of you who suffer from Adult acne or even occasional breakouts and you’re also battling age You really want to consider an LH a it is antimicrobial antibacterial Antifungal, I mean, it’s it’s just a seriously amazing acid. Now, where do you find it? I’m gonna tell you that skin. Medica and skin suta. Khals does carry Washes, and I think toners that contain Ellijay. They’re very overpriced. I really I really feel like They asked too much money The one that I would recommend to you guys that has lipo hydroxy acid is by the French brand La Roche Posay And this is called pigment Claire now This is like I said, it’s a foaming wash and it’s super cool because this one actually uses Fatty acids as its surfactants. So you really can feel kind of this silky cleansing properties it does foam up a ton and the LH a is in there toward the middle to the end, but that is because Lipo hydroxy acid is super efficacious in low doses But it performs well So you don’t have to put a ton of this acid on your skin for very long to get the reward of it Which is seriously exciting now. This little tube here is 4.2 ounces and it’s around $25 I’m gonna guess and I’ll be conservative that this is gonna last nine or ten months if not a year I’m gonna show you cuz I wash my face with it how Tiny of an amount I use and you’re gonna see how much foam I got but it’s a very very silky foam now I’ve been using this for a while. I came across this because I have been compiling for quite a while now some products I was I’m working on an idea of how you can multitask like in shower facial how you can do that while you’re doing the rest of your shower and That’s when I came across this so I’ve been using this a while while I’ve been testing out the other things in that kind of video idea and this lowing me Away, the clarity of my skin the size of my pores just the vibrancy is really really undeniable, I really feel like it’s making a huge difference and even though I’m not acne prone I still struggle with as I’m aging my pores and I know as a skincare professional that there’s no changing the size of your pores, but if you keep those pores cleaned out, they can appear finer and smaller and That’s what we want We want our pores to be clean and to look the best that they can even if we can’t Physically make them smaller what I really really do think is cool Is that it sits at that pH and you’re able to just slide this into your skin curve routine? There is no figuring out. Okay, I’m gonna alternate nights with this I can use this when I’m not using my vitamin C Oh, I can’t use my niacinamide spray. No this literally can be in your routine every single day and It plays well with everything else you’re doing and it’s a wash now. I will tell you that occasionally I will put it on and I do leave it on for maybe up to a minute because I just like to possibly get even A little bit more benefit, but you don’t have to do that You can just wash your face and rinse it off and over time. You are going to notice more clarity You’re gonna notice that your skin is less dull. It’s gonna look brighter. Your pores are gonna look smaller. It just looks younger It looks more youthful and glowy and it’s a wash that’s not very expensive so so excited now if you’re someone who suffers from acne, there are Products from LA roche-posay that are more specifically designed with LH a for people with acne because they are for oily skin I will link those down below, but I’m gonna title that so that you can see That there are products that are for oily skin This product works great on my normal to dry skin But this product also would be fine on normal skin normal to combo skin Normal to oily skin could definitely use this to it. Neither strips your skin No are over hydrates your skin your skin just feels good. It does feel clean I’m not gonna say that it doesn’t feel clean after I use this so it’s a tiny bit tighter than If I used to milk cleanser, yes for sure, but it doesn’t feel dry and I just go on like I always do like a broken record and I put my sukiyaki Suhana on and I use my sukiyaki sohara eye cream that are both urea based to just rehydrate my skin I spray it down with my Bioderma or one of my sprays and I’m good to go. I’m serious It’s seriously amazing laj is pretty awesome. You guys look it up check it out look at the reviews for the LH a their stellar people are thrilled with it for removing dark spots for clarity and Honestly, the fact that it’s efficacious in a very short amount of time you can slide it right into your routine It’s pretty exciting you guys. I hope you guys are having a wonderful wonderful day Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I hope that you have a wonderful wonderful day


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