NEW! Glazing/Color Wash How To Faux Finish Painting by The Woolie (How To Paint Walls) #FauxPainting

This is the glazing technique that we will do next. I love this look. It’s so easy and it’s beautiful. So keep watching to learn how to create this wonderful look. When you’re using glazes to create your faux finish you will need to have a base coat of satin finish paint on your wall. I am choosing this color to be my satin finish base coat color Next, I must choose a color for my faux finish glaze coat. The glaze color needs to be at least 3-5 shades lighter or darker than my base coat color. I am choosing this color for my glaze. When you’re using glazes to create your faux finish, You can use pre-mixed glazes (already have color) OR you can mix your own glaze color. To mix your own glaze color, combine 1 gallon of clear glaze with 1 quart of your desired paint color. Before you begin, you will need to prep The Woolie. This is done by removing any excess lint remaining on the sheepskin. Simply use the sticky side of masking tape to remove the lint. Now we’re ready to paint! We’ve already applied our satin-finish base coat color on the wall and it’s dry now. We begin our technique using the big brush and The Woolie tool. I’ve applied a small amount of glaze using the brush to the tips of the sheepskin. Now I will use the big brush to apply the glaze to the wall. Next, I will use The Woolie to spread the glaze out. I will use a jabbing motion to do this. Then, use The Woolie to soften and fade the edges of the wet glaze. I will then repeat the steps by applying more glaze using the brush. Again, blend with The Woolie. When fading the edge of the wet glaze, make sure to gently overlap with the previously blended edge. By doing this edge overlapping, you will diminish undesirable harsh lines or edges. When near edges or corners, use the brush to lightly apply the glaze. Run the brush along the edge. When I’m blending with The Woolie, I blend all of the way to my edge. This will give you a nice professional-looking edge line. This technique is remarkably fast technique. It also looks fantastic in a room, creating a very tuscan look. Which is sooooo popular. I personally think that this creates a very elegant and rich look. I love this technique, and think it’s beautiful, fast and easy. I hope that you have a lot of fun while creating this look on your walls! Hi I’m Barbie, creator of The Woolie line of decorative paint tools. Thank you for watching our instructional videos, Watching our videos will help you get professional-looking results. I hope that you have as much fun watch them, as we did making them!


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