My Very Awkward First Time Drawing Models In Art Class (Animation)

Squid up? No! Squid neutral! Okay so some of you already know, but I’ll mention it again I graduated from an art school and I drew so much nude models over the years that it doesn’t even phase me anymore when I see a naked body and then there will always be that one guy who ends up looking at your sketch and then he would see it and be like “Hu *pthh* why are you drawing naked people?” “uh, I think you should put some cloths on that girl.” Bro. we aren’t born with cloths on …we’re born naked… anyways Yeah yeah yeah yeah w-whatever ya know you get used to it I-It doesn’t matter anymore ya know? w-whatever jus… say whatever, alright? Alright so… we’ve got different angles of drawing the body we have the back, which is the best because you get to draw the butt. Then we have the 3/4 Which is probably the most fun and the most dynamic and we also have the side profile which is you know, kind of boring… but you have got to learn it..and then you’ve got the worst which is the front… and you know why it’s the worst? I t ‘ s b e c a u s e i t ‘ s a w k w a r d okay, so the first year – the first class – the FIRST time A new me I come into class and the teacher goes “Okay class so we’re going to draw a real life nude model tomorrow so be ready” And then in my head I was like oh my god what happen if it’s a fit BIRD you know? like like what happens if some smoking hot babe ugh disgusting Okay, I’m just gonna be front with you right now thats never gonna happen alright ge- get your mind out of the porno alri, ge- get mind- okay, just stop, just stop just stop thinking about it alright it’s never gonna happen alright, alri- jus- just don’t, I dont wanna hear it so this dude walks in and then he takes off his shirt and what do I see? that’s right pierced nipples double and then he proceeds to take off his pants and what do I wiTNESS? thats right a pierced squid ok so the classroom is set up as a circle desk and the model would be in the middle so basically what it meant was that it’s a roulette of which angle you end up drawing the model from and then if you happen to have gotten the front then that means you have bad luck so there are different time iterations of drawing there’s 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, et cetera right and guess who got the front for the 30 min iteration tHAT’S riGHT tHAT iS rIGHT it was me 😉 oh kay so the goal here is to finish the face as fast as possible to avoid all possible eye contact that might be awkward for you alright? and the problem here was that I kept thinking about his pierced nipples I don’t know why but it was so distracting to me that I couldn’t help but think about it and my eyes I couldn’t control my eyes my eyes kept gravitating towards the pierced nipples and.. what was awkward about this was that he was staring at me this whole time and I think he noticed that I kept staring at his pierced various body areas do you ever get caught staring at the opposite gender at high school sitting at a desk and then your eyes meet together for that one second? then you’re just like noooo nooo… well that’s exactly what it felt like also pro tip when drawing “the squid” basically you just gotta scribble you scri- you gotta do a lot of scribbling because that represents the pubic hair so the more- just scribble it doesn’t matter if he shaved or not you know just scribble dude like hopefully hopEFULLY his squid isn’t at full length ya know what I’m sayin ? alright so another day another class another model a woman this time she was kinda mid-aged and quite not that fit not a fit bird and then.. you know we’re doing our desk roulette and guess who got the front for the 30 min iteration again thAT’S RIGHT IT’S ME DAIDUS no one cares so this was probably one of my most uncomfortable memories I’ve had in a long time basically she was in a lying down position u no kinda like draw-me-like-one-of-your-french-girls position she just kept staring at me she kept staring at me for the whole thirty minutes like straight into my soul and while I was drawing I was like woMEN pLEASE STOP staring at me at full force it’s like she wanted my attention or something and I was trying my hardest my eyes were like you- you- when you think about controlling your eyes you just can’t it’s just all over the place so eventually I get into eye contact and you know what she does?? she SMILES at me she SMILES AT ME you you stare at me for like twenty minutes and then you smile at me please nO NO NO I don’t need this she’s smiled at me as if she’s Rose from the Titanic like the there was like sexual tension I kid you not there was sexual tension and I did not like it cuz I was not attracted on bit and I was like please get me out of here but Daidus maybe she’s just being friendly no there’s a difference between just staring at someone for twenty minutes straight like she could close her eyes she can look left she can look right no she was staring into my eyes for the past twenty minutes I tried to fight it I just couldn’t I gave in and looked what that one split second bam I was dead alright so closing thoughts let’s squid neutral not all not all draw sessions are like this alright? it just happens I just happen to be unlucky and it depends on the model too like some models know where to look or they don’t bother you that much but if you’re unlucky and get the wrong model on a bad day well you will get awkward situations on many days I-I got you know the cool back I get to draw the butt and whatnot you know I love drawing butts ya know if you couldn’t tell and also models do a lot of work ya know? to hold the pose for that long I give props *claps* I give I give props alright keep doing your thing and uh I’ll see you later you barnacle scum


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