My TOP 3 Craft items I can NOT live without

alright this this is not comfortable this
is not a comfortable feeling for me its very unusual to sit and look into the camera
usually you’re looking at these that’s a lot more comfortable for me you know
you’re looking at my hands watching a tutorial versus having it necessarily a
conversation with me make no mistake about it this is not necessarily just my
channel it’s roars – I wanted to invite you to
participate along with me you know I love to create amazing content and I
want to create content that is pertinent to what you’re interested in as well as
to things you might be using you know that might actually be good I was kind
of gonna go down a different path but that actually might be a really good
video hmm sorry having a nice having an idea okay let me just put it to you
here’s the thought that it just popped in my head literally just popped in my
head and my script is like when script I don’t have anything written down my
thoughts just like left completely what are your favorite tools that would
actually be a really good video and I know it’s been done before but it’s
totally different um my you know top five would not be
your top five or top three well top narrowing it down to three oh gosh that
actually gave me anxiety Wow narrowing it down to three that’s just the sign of
somebody who owns too many things right I’m sure you can relate
alright but I’m gonna do this I’m gonna I’m gonna narrow it down okay I’m gonna
have to go get three Hey okay I’m back I’m back I’ve got three
items and I’ve got them right here hang on this was really crazy hard for
me to do what I want you to do here’s the challenge I want you to it’s not
really a challenge I just want you to leave me a comment
it’s not nothing complex um leave me a comment below I love it when you guys
leave me comments I do my very best to answer back and other people chime in
too so you know you leaving a comment can really be helpful to somebody maybe
even has a question too and I’ve gotten some great ideas and great great content
information – from your guys is common if it were up to me and I had to only
only pick three things my number one tool and okay it’s not a sexy tool I’ll
be very honest not at all I couldn’t even hold it it’s too big what I
actually I really wanted to bring like my craft matter glass mat over here but
let’s be honest that suckers weight and you know gun to the head no I could
craft on something else but it is one of mine so that’s like kind of like a bonus
out there little anxiety still do you know what my number one tool is hmm do
you know it is this is the tonic studios guillotine I literally cannot craft
without this I do not care for other paper trimmers I have been using this
bad boy since I think it was like 2006 or four or when I got it and I’m still
using the same blade I make a lot of cards it’s I have one that was actually
custom made for another company but it’s the exact same one as the Tim Holtz
guillotine that they make and if you are in the market for a trimmer or if you’re
frustrated by your trimmer definitely you know there’s a guard on it and you
may not like that it’s a guillotine you know think French losing the head that
would suck yeah it’s Hey down the best straight cuts all the time
if you ever get a frayed edge and I’ll have to do video on this seat already
coming up with new content to make if you ever get a frayed edge because you
didn’t hold your paper down with the paper guard meaning like this card right
here that guard you have to that’s really I’m sorry that’s the blade
pop the card don’t don’t put your handle um have this you’re gonna hold this down
all the way and is it off makes the best cuts but here’s why it’s something that
I absolutely cannot and I mean cannot live without because so many times I’m
working on a project and yeah it’s really cool and you know me I love
techniques and I love creating backgrounds but it’s just too much right
and that’s where a paper trimmer really comes in handy to help trim it down give
you that little bit of white space to create something amazing I’m sure I have
a sample somewhere back here on the shelf if not there’s tons you go through
the videos you’ll see what I’m talking about paper trimmer mmm number one tool
number two tool for me and this is another place where quality is really
key and that would be ink it’s my number two tool I literally cannot create
without these two things and the caterpillar inks and the distress line
of inks that’s my go-to ie as you seen you use them all the time
I don’t really use other I have other inks don’t get me wrong I do and when it
comes to specialty ink pads black sand no line and other things I do use other
brands I love the captain Pollard midnight but you know it’s not it’s not
a dye based ink it’s an archival ink so if I wanted to dye based ink I might go
with scrapbook calm or I might go with another brand it’s hard to find a really
good black dye ink sometimes I have some weird tone so a lot of times I do go for
you know an archival just because I want that crisp deep black
but those are my favorite inks and you’ve probably guessed the third third
is vehicle to move that ink and that would be an ink blending tool now I use
the brushes a lot too they are fabulous I love the brushes and if I want to get
mass coverage nothing covers that better than a than a blending brush but the
tool and you may have the black handle ones by Ranger perfectly fine tool and
this new dome tip you know I have lots of the flat ones and I will forever use
those also for stencils but the domed rocks I literally I love this tool love
this tool and it’s not and I’ve been using the handles with the flat you know
Ranger tips that they’ve had for years years and I’ve kind of so much so that I
am definitely an expert in ink blending I will say that but this domed this
thing rocks my world really does because it’s so effortless this weekend and if
you haven’t participated in the Christmas challenge I encourage you to
do so and here’s why you know it’s a check-in
challenge and for me I’m gonna tell you my story super super quick you know what
I have a list of Christmas cards that I want to send out handmade cards handmade
cards I’m sure you do too and sometimes time gets the better of us you know
let’s be real my husband we own a travel agency it’s
not inconceivable that Mike will just say hey you want to go somewhere next
weekend there we are off cruising somewhere or off flying to Europe or
doing whatever it’s a really really blessed life it is work so don’t think
that we’re just going off and laying on beach it’s actually more work than it is
fun but it is we do get to travel so on you know the drop of a hat I have to
kind of be prepared for that that gets tricky around the holiday time because
you know if I have things that I need to make or want to send out time becomes an
issue so the chicken challenge was really more of a way to engage with you
as a viewer it was a way for you in addition to me
to hold myself accountable you hold yourself accountable and it’s over on
the community thread if you don’t know what that is if you just look up you’ll
see video and you’ll see community over there and
if you don’t then you might have to click the home page to see it I’m not
exactly sure right off the top of my head but it’s a way to just check in and
it’s been really helpful I think for a lot of people it certainly has for me
this last week I had a very very heavy life week a very big work week we had a
big show that we put on downtown here in Clayton North Carolina and we had a huge
festival the harvest festival and we had a booth you know there’s like 30,000
people who come over the weekend it’s crazy busy we did a trunk retreat it was
a lot it was a lot and a lot of getting ready for that too so that kind of took
over my life a little bit and I had literally just been in Florida for a
week and it you know it was time was not my friend at all last week but I was so
tired at the end of Sunday and the last thing I wanted to do was come up and sit
down and complete a whole card and I all of a sudden the thought popped in my
head about so many people on the check-in challenge the week before we’re
talking about how they had just done bits and pieces of Christmas cards and
that was awesome so that was my inspiration and I felt like you know
what I can do that and it kept my Christmas card count in the back of my
mind so it was on my radar so anyway I ran upstairs and I grabbed you know some
things I cut some quick card fronts I grabbed my dual I love it’s because it’s
domed and I needed the tips I definitely wanted the tips I grabbed some of some
distress inks and my icing on the cake captain cooler ink and if you saw this
video remember this video yeah I made a bunch of backgrounds now see they’re not
done and that’s okay so for me it felt so good to get 12 more
backgrounds done and let’s be honest this is the biggest part of making a
card so you know it was awesome to just kind of have that done and I feel sense
of accomplishment so that when I checked in on Tuesday because the Christmas
check and challenges every Tuesday and I leave also a link to
inspiration it may be a video that I put up it may be a video that other people
put up on other channels I think I linked to another crafty friend artists
video this last week had some crazy insane tips on creating massive cards
I’ll link it I’ll leave it below to and you know and that was really good I felt
really good about it so hopefully that helped you I hope that
you engage in that way or engage below leave me a comment definitely tell me
what your top three or if three is too it gives you too much anxiety give you
five or give me ten whatever your top top can’t live without tools are and you
know I listed some probably big ones and feel free to list small ones if you want
whatever it is that you feel that you cannot literally cannot craft with that
those are three things that I can’t craft without I pretty much always use
those even you know I don’t always ink blend but I use these two edge I use
these two edge mix media all sorts of stuff so for me those were my top three
and who knows at least that’s this week maybe that’ll change next week I have no
idea focus are we focused you think we’re
focused ran up the stairs I grabbed a bunch of things I’m sure just like you get spam thank
you for calling leak travel players this is Ingrid how can I help you hang up
always yes’m was Harry Potter in case you very much Rick
who else was very Potter you


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