My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2019 📝

(inspirational music) – Hey everyone, happy new year. I am back with my first video of 2020 and I thought I would
just kinda ease into it by doing a roundup of all
my favorite beauty products of 2019, all of which
are on my face today, so let’s get started. So I’m gonna dive into my
favorite foundation of 2019. It is Dior’s Backstage
Face and Body Foundation. I’m in the shade 2W and
this was the foundation that I just was constantly reaching for. Like, look at the bottle. It is haggard, it is peeling, but it just shows you that
it was well-loved by me. This was like my everyday foundation because my skin doesn’t really need a full-coverage foundation. But I still like something more than just a tinted moisturizer. I’m still on the hunt for a nice everyday tinted moisturizer, but this was something that
was in between, which I liked. I really like the consistency of this. Like, (liquid sloshing) can you hear that? It’s super thin and just kinda watery, but do not let that fool you. It still has medium coverage and I’ll use like maybe a quarter-size amount of it, and it’ll be enough to
cover my entire face. And if I want something that’s
more glam and full-coverage, I’ll go in with a second layer. And it builds really nicely. Coming in at number
two, I have Maybelline’s Brow Ultra Slim eyebrow pencils. And granted, I just found out about this maybe in October, but oh my god! I feel like everyone is
sleeping on these brow pencils. This has been the only product
that has kind of trumped… Not trumped, I hate that I can’t
even use that word anymore. But kind of overtook
Hourglass’s Arch Brow Pencil. That was my favorite
brow product for a while. I need brow formulas
that are waxy in nature because with my brows, there’s
just like a lot to cover. So I need a product
that will simulate hairs and will stay on. I love using these two
colors in combination. I’ll go in with soft brown for
the first half of my eyebrow, and then I’ll just finish things off with deep brown for the tails. I originally thought that for my brows, I wanted a pencil that was thicker because I’m a very efficient person. I wanted to get things
done as fast as possible, but now I’m realizing that
brows are not something to rush. They deserve that meticulous
time to get it right and I think with the shape and the size of these brow pencils, my
brows have never looked better. Moving on to number three, let’s talk about eyeshadow palettes. And of course, for eyeshadows, no one triumphs better than Pat McGrath. Her Mothership eyeshadow
palettes are out of this world. They’re out of control and I
feel like every beauty junky needs a least one of
them in their collection. I have collected and I have experimented with all of the Mothership palettes, but if I were to recommend
one to splurge on, (sighing) it would be Bronze Seduction. As you can see, this palette
is also a very well-loved, and it is ridiculous
how many eyeshadow looks you can create with this. I would say the stars of the palette are definitely the duochromes. I have yet to find a duochrome
that is as pigmented, as long-lasting, and just like quality, as the ones in Pat McGrath’s palettes. And they’ll just make any
eyeshadow look really, really pop. I’ll just use them as toppers, or sometimes I’ll use
them as highlighters. I mean, it all depends on how I feel. I know the price of
this is pretty alarming, but this is how I justify it. There are 10 eyeshadows here and so it’s like you’re paying $12 for each one. But that’s excluding the
packaging, the mirror, the quality. So I don’t know, it’s just
something to think about. Regardless, this will make
your eyes just pop like jewels, and this is definitely
one of my favorites. So this next one isn’t
flashy or too exciting, but it’s been an anchor
in my makeup collection. This is Il Makiage’s Poker Face. And it is the most flattering, peachy blush that I’ve
ever used on my face. And if you have a complexion or undertone that is similar to mine, this
will be your new go-to blush. It’s just perfect for everyday. It goes with every type of eyeshadow look. And I feel like whenever I
ventured off to other blushes, there are, you know,
it’s like a coin toss. It’s like 50/50 chance, I’ll be like, ahh, it looks weird or it clashes. But with this one I never
regret putting it on with any type of look. So this item is also a beauty product that has made so many cameos
on my YouTube channel. And it is Lancome’s
Dual Finish Highlighter in Shimmering Buff. Now I’ve always loved highlighters that don’t like (beep) around. I like pigment, I like
an instant boom, shine, and this highlighter has given that to me. This is one of those highlighters that is obviously a powder,
but when you touch it, it kinda like has a
buoyancy, like slightly. It almost feels like clay. And then when you put it on
your cheek, it looks kinda wet. If you know what I mean, but regardless, this makes your face pop. It makes it shine, but it
doesn’t have that texture. And it’s awesome! Moving on to lip products, you know, both of them are orange. They’re pretty much identical, but I wanted to give you the backstory. So, the first lip product is
EM Cosmetics Faded Clementine. It’s what I’m wearing
on my lips right now. It’s just this perfect shade of tangerine. Like I know orange lips
may seem like intimidating, but with this color, I
feel like it’s universal. I don’t know, I just feel like it’s a very flattering orange shade, like a nice entry-level orange shade if you wanna experiment. It’s like, kinda like a moussey texture that feels very, very
comfortable on the lips. I could wear it all day
and it smells really good. Ah, it smells like marshmallows. No, it smells like vanilla marshmallows. And following right behind
it is L’Oreal’s I Achieve. This is pretty much the exact
same color as Faded Clementine but it’s just like a more watery texture. This is more of like a lip tint. So I’ll just make sure that
my lips are moisturized, I’ll slap this on, blot it off. With this color I don’t transfer anything. It just gives my lips a nice blush. So, basically if I’m wearing
any type of orange lip color, it’s one of these. I have always struggled
in the lash department, so I have tried so many types of falsies throughout my lifespan,
but the lash of 2019 was the ones by The Creme Shop. This style 523 is one of my favorites. It just gives you that natural
extra oomph with your eyes when you don’t wanna look too glam. There are some times
where you wear a lash band that’s too thick and you
just feel out of place, especially when you’re just
with family and you’re like, I did not need to wear
these Huda lashes right now. These lashes just give you that
really natural, flirty look and they’re only five bucks. And if I’m really adamant with
cleaning and storing them, I could probably wear them
up to five to six times. So, definitely get your
money’s worth with these. So now we’re gonna transition
into some skincare products. This is Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser. I’m positive that this
is Fresh’s best seller, and for good reason too. This is so gentle on my skin, but it still does such a great job removing any extra makeup off my face. Some other cleansers, even
after I double-cleanse, I’ll look at the towel and I’m just like, there’s still makeup, how? I don’t have that issue when I use this, and it’s really important
to have a clean face before you put on the
rest of your skincare. Like if you still have
shit and gunk on your face, all the toners, the essences, the serums, the night creams, the oils,
they’re blocked by the makeup. It’s kind of drilled into my head to just always have a
very, very clean canvas. I also love the smell of this. It has like a cucumbery
smell, and I just die. I mean, if you don’t like
the smell of cucumber, you’re not gonna like
this, but when I use this, I just get transported to like a spa with my botanical drink,
just good times, good times. This is an oldie but a goodie. It is SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. I feel like this, this
is just like a given. Like y’all know I use this. This is, I don’t even know
how many bottles of this I’ve gone through, but I love using this because it just maintains
and keeps my skin buoyant, taut, bright, even, love this. The key ingredient is PITERA, which is kind of like a
strand of fermented yeast that has just amazing
properties that help the skin. This is something that I do after I tone. I’ll put like a pool of it on my hand. Just kind of press it onto my face and it just drinks it
up, and it obviously has great components for the skin, but it also preps the skin for the serums that you’re about to put on, and the oils. This is definitely a critical item for me. So my last item is La Mer’s Renewal Oil. Out of all the oils that I’ve
tested and tried on my face, I just keep coming back to this one because this one does such a great job just nourishing and hydrating
my face, it’s insane. Prior to 2019, I was
just kind of apprehensive about using an oil on my face
because it feels so thick. But as I get older and my
skin is starting to transition into something that’s
a little bit more dry, oils are amazing. This is the last step
to my skincare routine. I’ll put maybe like five drops on my hand, rub it together and then
press it onto my face. And budda boom, budda bing. And there we have it. Those are the 10 beauty products of 2019. (applauding) They’ve made the cut, congratulations. I would love to know your
guys’ favorite beauty products in the comments down below. I wanna thank you guys
so much for watching and I’ll see you guys
in the next one, bye. (blowing kiss) (jazzy music)


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