My family wanted to kill me ? Draw My Life | My Life Sucks

My name is Sara and I’m 14 years old. I live with my older sisters Ann and Andrea,
my mother and my grandparents. I’ve always loved Christmas but last year
my sisters made me hate it, I’ve never been so scared in my life. Every year, my grandparents are in charge
of decorating the outside of the house, we have the best decorated garden in the whole
neighborhood! My sisters and I usually get the tree and
my mother takes care of the rest of the house. Every Christmas we fight to put the star on
the top of the tree. Even though we are not kids anymore, it is
still a matter of pride. This time my mother decided that Ann would
be in charge of it, I didn’t expect it at all. I’m the little one, why don’t you let me do
it? We got into a fight, I got furious and told
them some pretty ugly things. My relationship with my sisters was never
perfect. They are like two peas in a pod, and I’ve
always been quite apart, I don’t know if it is because I’m the little one, but they’ve
never been too fond of me, or so I think. After the brawl I went to bed very angry. My mother tried to calm me down so that I
would come to my senses but her explanations were of no use to me, I felt terrible and
unloved. In the end I fell asleep with my favorite
manga in my hands. At 2:00 a.m. I woke up to go to the toilet. As I walked out into the hallway, I saw that
the kitchen light was on, so I went over to see what was going on. There was Andrea, crying like a cupcake. I approached her, not waiting for her to tell
me what was wrong, but she did. She told me she saw someone in her bedroom
window. She tried to get up and was not able to move,
as if someone was holding her. She had already told my mom, but she didn’t
care. “You had a nightmare,” she had said. She was very shaky and since I saw her so
worried, I offered to check the room with her so that she would be calmer. We didn’t see anything strange. I went back to my bed with a strange feeling. My sister is not a coward at all or exaggerated. What if whatever frightened her came to my
room? I tossed and turned before falling asleep
again. The night went by without a hitch, in the
morning everything seemed to be back to normal. I spent the next day at home, doing my things. But at night everything got worse. I was the last one to go to bed. I was brushing my teeth when the lights in
the bathroom and in the hallway began to blink. “It must be an electrical problem”, I
tried to convince myself. I went back to the room and spent a while
looking for Lala, my white stuffed animal, since I was little I’ve always had it by
my side in bed. I didn’t found it but I was so tired that
I decided to leave it for the next day. When I was about to fall asleep I began to
hear whispers and strange sounds coming from under my bed. I was paralyzed. Seconds later I gathered all my courage, and
looked. It was Lala and it was stained with a red
liquid that looked like blood. Who had put it there? I was terrified, ran out of my room and screamed
as much as I could. I tried to open the door to my mother’s room,
but I couldn’t. Not even my grandparents’. I went towards the living room. “Where is everybody?! What kind of nightmare is this?!” I screamed and nobody came to help me. When I arrived it was very dark, but I could
see a girl lying on the couch covered in blood. I almost passed out in fear. Right next to her, my sister Andrea showed
up with a knife. When I saw her, I felt the urge to run towards
her. “What happened?! Answer me!!” I kept repeating. But she didn’t answer, she just picked up
the knife and said, “Don’t come near me or you’ll be next”. She had a horrible face, she seemed lost. I ran out and locked myself in the bathroom. Soon the knocks on the door began. The knocks were getting stronger and stronger,
I sat in a corner and all I could do was cry. Suddenly I heard a key rummaging through the
lock. What the hell? Mom keeps that key. The door opened and there was Andrea again. She was coming at me with the knife. I kept yelling and asking my family for help. I kept thinking: “I am going to die”. Just as she walked to me, she started laughing
like crazy. My other sister, covered in fake blood, my
grandparents and my mother also showed through the door. It had been a joke, a lesson so that I wouldn’t
be so spoiled. My sisters had this idea and my mother agreed
as long as they didn’t hurt me. And it wasn’t just about the fear – They
had also videotaped everything! And when they published it… it became viral. My
life sucks.

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