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My name is Alberto and I’m 23 years old. A year ago I lived the worst moment of my
life, my girlfriend Clara died and I spent many months without wanting to do anything. Little by little I began to recover, but everything
that had advanced vanished when I received some mysterious messages. Clara and I were great, we did practically
everything together. After 3 years of relationship she gained also
the affection of my parents and my friends, it was impossible not to love her. She was cheerful, extroverted and with a unique
sense of humor, that’s what made me fall in love. She fell ill one November morning, and after
a few months of fighting, she finally died. I fell into a deep depression, and I thought
my life was lost too. Despite all the pain, I got over it. I started to work and frankly it was a breath
of fresh air. My friends also helped me to get out of the
hole little by little. I still remembered her a lot, but I learned
to live with it. One afternoon I unlocked my mobile and my
heart stopped. In Facebook notifications: Clara. When I recovered my breath I thought it would
be an app error, an inactive chat warning or something similar… But it wasn’t. I opened the message. “How are you?” My phone fell to the floor and the screen
broke into a thousand pieces. My heart was still racing, what’s going on? What a bad joke this was? It was clear that something was slipping away,
someone was trying to hurt me. When I calmed down, I thought that if I ignored
it, it would get tired. I decided not to bother his family and ignore
the message. The following week I received another one. Its contents frightened me even more than
the previous time. “Hello mice! How come you didn’t answer me? This morning I remembered our talk in the
park on my birthday”. This surprised me even more, because there
was only her and me in that conversation. How was that possible? I was about to go crazy, I was unable to answer
the message because it was impossible that it was her. But who else could know about that conversation? Why did she call me a mice like she did? I decided to call her parents. As expected, they didn’t take it well at all. They started shouting from the other side
of the phone as if I was pulling a bad joke. What was I going to do? I was totally desperate to find out who was
doing that… So I decided to make a publication on my facebook
for that person. Many friends and acquaintances were worried
about my mental health. When I was talking to one of them I noticed
that Clara’s account had changed the profile picture, it was her with a guy who worked
in her company. Now I didn’t understand anything anymore. I called her best friend, Sandra, and asked
her if she knew anything about all this. She replied super nervously, you could tell
she didn’t know what to say, but she had more information than I did. I ended up getting angry and asking her to
tell me the truth. In the end, she confessed to me that Clara
had an affair with that boy while we were together. After a while she decided to break up the
relationship and he took it badly, he never got over it. Probably that’s why he behaved like that,
he got her passwords and read all her conversations to get more information. Me and the whole facebook found out at the
same time that I had been cheated. My life sucks. Does your life suck as well and you wanna
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