Mixed Media Art Canvas – Connect With Nature

Today I’m going to create a mixed media canvas And I’m working on a 20 x 30cm canvas board To begin with, I’m adding some gesso to the canvas It did come pre-gessoed, but I do like to add an extra layer to that Then, I’m beginning to add my paint which is a Golden Fluid Acrylic This is Turquois Phthalo Now, I’m going to add some acrylic glazing medium to the paint This is going to allow me to have a gradient of colour going from dark at the very top of the canvas and lighter towards the base of the canvas Here, I’m using a tissue to take off some of the colour towards the base so that it becomes even lighter And now I’m adding some darker still colour at the top I’m using Carbon Black which is a Golden Fluid Acrylic You need to use this colour quite sparingly Black can be quite harsh I add some, and then use a baby wipe to drag it down the canvas so that this colour again, becomes part of the gradient Now, I’m using some Liquitex ink in Turquoise Deep This is an acrylic based ink so it is permanent once dry I’m using this to create some drips down the canvas Next, I’ve taken some old book page and torn it into pieces and I’m using some Golden Matte Medium to adhere this onto the canvas The reason I’m doing this is to add some extra interest onto the background and it also provides some contrast in colour Now I’ve chosen a Pan Pastel in Black and I’m using one of the Pan pastel Soft Tools to outline the old book page and allow the torn edges to pick up that colour Next, I decide that the text itself stands out a little bit too much for a background element So I’m using some Titanium White Blending it into the pieces of paper using my fingers just to allow that text to be driven back into the background more than it was Now, I’m using a Tim Holtz Die This is the Tattered Florals From this, I have cut out two of the large daisy shapes On one of them, I’ve cut some of the petals off So that it looks like it is being seen from a different view point and I’ve used Matte Medium again, to adhere these daisy shapes to the canvas And you might notice also that off camera, I pencilled in some stems for these flowers To continue adding interest into the background, I’ve chosen a text stamp And I’m using Archival ink in Aquamarine to stamp this onto the background Most of this will only show towards the bottom f the canvas where it’s lighter I’ve chosen the aquamarine colour to keep it monochromatic Since, when I was stamping the background, some of the text went onto the daisy flowers and I didn’t especially want that there I’m just going over them with some Titanium White by Golden This doesn’t get rid of it totaly, but it does send it further into the background So, I was more than happy with that since I was painting over these anyway, with another colour Now, I decide that I want to add some shadows around the daisies so I’m using pan pastel in black again, along with the soft tool and some of it does get onto the petals so you might think it was a bit of a waste of time, me painting them with the Titanium White But, it’s only a small amoount Now, I’ve chosen a Crafter’s Workshop stencil This is the Mini Cubist and I’m using this along with some Liquitex Modelling Paste to add some texture into the background Once the modelling paste is dry, I’m going to paint the daisies So, I’ve chosen Lumiere Paint in Pearlescent White and this needs 2-3 coats, it’s not a particularly opaque paint but it does have a really nice pearlescent finish, so it’s worth the effort Now, I’m going to paint the centre of the flowers I’m using a combination of a Silks Acrylic with a Golden Fluid Acrylic So, the Silk’s is the Yellow Rose colour and this has a shimmer finish and the Golden Fluid Acrylic is Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold Now, I’m going back to the Pearlescent White Lumiere Paint and I’m going to paint over the texture paste The textured part of the canvas is not going to remain this colour This is a base coat and the reason I’m using it is because it has the shimmer finish to it and I’m going to paint over the top of it with a flat colour but the pearlescence of this paint will show through so that is the reason for base coating it And I also painted the flower stems in the same pearlescent white colour Now, I’m taking the same Turquois Phthalo Fluid Acrylic that I used at the beginning on the canvas background And I’m going over the Pearlescent White base coat And I do this lightly at first, but I do go back and do a second coat to make it a little bit darker Now, I’m taking a Micron Pen by Sakura and I’m using this to add some detail to the flowers and I also use it on the flower stems This is just going to add some definition to the daisies and lift them a little bit from the background Next, I’ve taken some of the flower petals that I cut off one of the daisies and I’m adding some Lumiere paint to these And I’m going to add them to the canvas as though they are petals that have fallen from the daisies that are already on there Once those petals are dry, I position them on the canvas where I’d like them and I use Golden Matte Medium to adhere them down This is the text that I’m going to add to my canvas and I’ve printed this using my label maker It has a self-adhesive backing, so I’ve used that to attach it to the canvas but I’m reinforcing it with some Golden Matte Medium and this will also change the surface fromlossy to matte which will match the rest of the canvas and it also gives a surface that can be painted and now I’m using a Micron pen to outline the falling petals in the same manner as the other daisies Now, I’m adding colour to the text I’m using exactly the same colours that were used for the flower centres so there is a mixture of the Silks Paint as well as the Golden Fluid Acrylic This is Carbon Black Golden Fluid Acrylic and I’m using this with a piece of Ranger Ct N’ Dry Foam to sponge around the edges and create a frame And as a final touch to the canvas I’m outlining the text with a Posca Paint pen in black And off camera, I also add some shadows using Pan Pastel Black to the falling petals And that is the end of today’s project I hope you enjoyed watching As usual there will be a link to the full product list in the video description box as well as my social media links


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