Mister Maker – Series 2, Episode 20

TAKE A LOOK AT MY VIDEO NIKE ARCHERY But don’t worry, it’ll get reused for something right come on. Then. I’m gonna give you one more go Come on, Auntie Mavis give me some inspiration yoda leave oh Dear, but wait a minute. This has given me a great idea Let’s make it. We’ll [meet] some things from the doodle drawers come on some color paper and some white paper to A small piece [of] Sponge A glue stick some white paint and some scissors Now to make a scrunched up picture like this one here first scrunch up two pieces of paper really tightly one light blue and one Dark blue now unwrap them and to highlight the creases in the paper did the sponge into white paint and Gently brush across the paper making sure you go all the way to the edges and when it’s dry Take the light blue paper and cut out a mountain But be careful because scissors are sharp now to cut an easy mountain shape simply cut upwards and Then down works and it upwards again to make little triangle shapes Now do the same on the dark Blue paper, but start lower down the page? next stick the light blue [Mountain] [onto] another piece of colored paper and Stick the Dark Blue Mountain on top Now take a piece of white paper and tear out a rough rectangle shape like this Now stick this to the bottom of the picture Making sure that the ripped edge is at the top There, what a fantastic Snowy Mountain scene now all it needs are some fir trees and a log Cabin Tear out some triangles squares and rectangles from some brown paper and some smaller pieces for the details Now arrange all the pieces however you want This is the log Cabin now very carefully cut three [more] triangles out of green paper And add three small squares of brown paper to make the trees There now stick everything down with glue fantastic scrubbed paper pictures and there are lots of other ideas you could Try – How about [a] volcano? [it’s] made by scrunching red paper and rubbing gray paint over the [scrunches]? Or a surf picture It’s made by scrunching lights blue Dark blue and green paper then cutting out wave shapes and sticking a surfer [on] top So why don’t you try making your own picture with? scrunched up paper Let’s wipe them off Those shapes are brilliant that puzzle was really good today. You know [okey] yeah minute make time. It’s minute make time This minute may time and here’s what we’re going to make today or surprise spring bug It’s a buzzy bug that pops up to say hello [now] [to] make one of these you will need an old plastic Pot with a lid like one of these here any shape or size will do two different colored strips of card a Pom-Pom a glue stick and we’ll also need some googly eyes that you can get from an art and craft shop I’ll be back in a tick I’ve got them There are a googly eyes Now do you think it’s [possible] to make this in just one minute? [no] why well let’s find out? I’m gonna have to be very quick, but don’t worry. I’ll remind you how to do it at the end Let’s make it in a minute. Stop at all right? Let’s get our two strips and put them together like that in an L shape And then get some glue and stick them together now We’re going to make a paper Spring by folding over one way and in the other way and in one way and then the other way all the way along Until we’ve got a spring I’ve got to go as quick as I can Now this can be a bit tricky So you might want to ask an adult to help you last that I’m going as quick as I can talkie there We go now I put a big dollop of glue on the end here like that And [then] we can put our [pom-Pom] on top there. Let’s give him sighs there we go. There’s all [there], and then there’s another I Stick him on there we go Yeah, now if we get our pot and put some glue in there We can pass a prize bug inside and close the Lid Yes, [phew] that was close Now let’s have a look inside Only kidding all you use in there really and if you’ve got more than a minute, you can make some other surprise spring bugs This one’s got three eyes and eyelashes made out of paper [you] could put two bugs in one box for double [the] surprise a Surprise spring made in a minute [two] min ago is a reminder of how to do it Why don’t you try making it in a minute? Oh? Hello, everyone. I wonder what they’re up to. I like Like I Am puzzle and Dark Blue [I] Am Green I’m yellow I Am Orange I Am frame it frame it frame eggs Now take a look at this What a brilliant picture, why don’t you have a go and then frame it? I’ve been invited to a party Fantastic and even better than [that] it’s a fancy dress party [oh], I love dressing up. Yeah the last party I went to I win dressed as a superhero And I really made a big entrance Is it a bird is it [a] plane? No, it’s me Super Mr.. Maker here to fight boredom and fill the world with amazing makes Wow, that really was super fun But this time I need to think of something [completely] different now. Let’s have a think. I really need to use my head [uh] Hmm hang on a minute that’s it. I need to use my head that’s given me a monster of an idea Let’s make it. We’ll need some things from the [doodle] drawers some colored paper and card a glue stick and a ruler and some scissors and the pen [hello] now to make your big monster head. Mask like this one cut two green strips like this about the same width as a Ruler now these are going to keep your mask on your head. That’s perfect [now] [let’s] put them together in one long line and add some sticky tape in the middle to make one long strip perfect now we need to make a loop so let’s pick up our long strip and Wrap it around our head to make sure that it’s the right size to fit here it goes Hold it in position Whilst you take it off, and add another bit of sticky [tape] to fix it in place. Now. This is a bit tricky So you might want to ask an adult to help you with a spit? There we go. See if it fits it should do there Perfect now, let’s just put our loop to one side for [the] moment because we need to make our monsters heads Isn’t it good? So let’s bring in another piece of colored card draw a shape starting at the bottom Edge now let’s cut this shape out, but be careful because scissors are sharp whew Now we need to give our monster head some hair and for that we’ve got to tear some little jagged pieces from a different colored paper and Then just stick your triangles on top of your monsters head He’s a scruffy looking fellow isn’t he now we can give him some bushy eyebrows Now for those we need to tear out some bushy eyebrow shapes from the same colored paper that we used for the hair Now we can glue them to the bottom edge of [our] monster head There now let’s give him some wavy lines across his forehead with a black pen look They’re all wavy and wrinkly Now to make him really gruesome. We could put a bulb through his head For that we need some silver card, and we’re going to draw two shapes [that] look a bit What the letter t? And now we can carefully cut these [outs] Next we need to glue these bolts either side of our monsters head, so let’s bring him in oh Yeah Put on some glue There our monster head is ready, so let’s bring back a loop that We made earlier and turn our monster head over and we stick the loop onto the head while running some glue Along this bottom Edge here and sticking the loop to it and when the glue is dry try it on We done there how do I look I think I’m gonna look greater the fancy dress party and you can decorate your monstrous Mask however you like how this one’s a werewolf with lots of shaggy hair and big pointy ears, but if you don’t like monsters Whoa, how about a giant [egghead] mask like this with Cotton wool hair and eyebrows? Good to go try to go oh Oh [talkie-talkie]. Just quickly isn’t [this] the best make ever [oh] boy Clever big head [boy] Hang on you Cheeky bird Well, it looks like my making x over, but yours is just beginning. It’s time to put all this stuff back in its box

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