mini junk journal flip through | made from a vintage matchbox

hello and G’day today’s video is mini junk journal flip through I’ve made this mini journal out of a vintage
matchbox, if you’d like me to make a tutorial on how I made this little junk
journal so you can give it a try, just let me know, leave a comment below_
i’ll make another one and while I’m making it I’ll do a video so you can give it a
try as well_ my friend gave me a pile of these little very old match boxes, now
they’re not the paper ones, these are made from plywood, they’re actually
timber. they’re actually made of wood there was quite a few of them and a lot
of them didn’t have any insides to them so they were you know just like this I
have got a lot that have got the insides to them but I’d like to keep them in my
collection so that all the broken ones I thought, what these would make a
perfect journal so this is what I made by just cutting them open like this
and then gluing them on to a firm piece of craft card and having so I’ve got a
hinge there and they’re no longer fragile like they are on here and the
book lays totally flat I’ve stitched in each signature so there’s three, six,
seven signatures. it measures one and a half inches by two if you’d like to know
how I made this little matchbox junk journal just let me know in the comments…
I’d be happy to put one together and show you how I made it, in the meantime
just sit back and watch the slideshow I’m Donna thanks for watching and bye
for now you


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