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My name is Lucy and I’m 20 years old. I’ve lived with my grandma my entire life,
as she was the one who raised me. My mom passed away when I was 2 years old,
so I barely remember anything about her. Regarding my father… I know nothing about him. I’ve always been a very happy girl, and my
grandma did everything she could so I could have a normal childhood. However, as I grew older, I noticed some particular
behaviors of her that I didn’t understand. Sometimes she would make irrational decisions,
like changing her mind all of a sudden and not letting me do something. When I asked her to explain herself, she always
repeated the same thing: “I’ll explain it to you someday”. And that was that, and I would have to stay
in my room, mad as hell, for not being able to go out with my girlfriends. The curious thing is that, in the end, she
was always right in not letting me go out: Whenever she didn’t let me go, something terrible
ended up happening. It took me a very long time to realize it. Everything changed when I turned 16 years
old. I was going to meet Megan and Susan, my two
best friends, to go together to Aiden’s party. Aiden was my crush at the time, so… yeah,
I wasn’t going to miss that party for the world! Two weeks prior I asked my grandma if I could
go, and she accepted. However, on the morning of the very day of
the party my grandma changed her mind! I cried and begged her for hours to let me
go… but her mind was set – she was not going to let me. That day I told her a lot of horrible things
I wasn’t even feeling. I went to my room, patiently waited for her
to go to bed, and I called Megan to wait for me. I sneaked out through the back door, determined
to go to the party… but also with a lot of guilt in my conscience. I had never disobeyed my grandma before… The party was awesome, and at the end of the
dance… Aiden kissed me! That was a memorable night for sure. Susan’s parents picked us up to take us home. However, when there were 100 meters left to
reach my house… a car going in the opposite direction crashed directly on us. The next thing I remember is waking up in
the hospital. I opened my eyes, and there was my grandma,
looking at me with deep shame. I asked her 1000 times to please forgive me
– if I had obeyed her I wouldn’t be there. Fortunately, I wasn’t gravely injured, and
the experience was mostly just a scare. From that day onwards I decided to never disobey
my grandma ever again. Two weeks later I finally went back home,
and I decided to ask her why she always knew when to let me do something or not. We talked for the entire afternoon. She told me that, since my mother passed away,
she has had the ability to predict when bad things are going to happen to me. She said it doesn’t work for other people,
and that she can only predict what’s related to me in particular. She firmly believes that power is a gift my
mother gave her to help protect me. After that conversation, my life changed. I would believe everything my grandma told
me, and I would ask her opinion about absolutely everything. When I turned 18 years old I met Mathew, my
current boyfriend. Since the beginning, he and my grandma got
along pretty well. He would stay in our house for a long time,
and we would always have a great time together. My grandma’s visions started to become less
frequent, which was good for her because the visions caused her headaches. However… everything changed two months ago. For weeks I’d been noticing my grandma was
acting very weird. I asked her time and time again what was going
on, but she wouldn’t tell me. I was extremely worried… was she sick or
something like that? One afternoon I caught her crying in her bedroom. I approached her and asked her to please tell
me what was going on. What she told me left me in shock. Her visions came back, and this time around
they had to do with Mathew. She had been having visions for days but didn’t
want to tell me about them because she knew how in love I was with Mathew. Something very bad was going to happen…
so I had to leave him. I couldn’t say anything. I knew she was right, and I promised to always
obey her. So… what do I do now? My life sucks. Does your life suck as well and you wanna
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