Meet the Course Leader: BA Fine Art

There’s four pathways on the BA course, there’s
2-D, 3-D, 4-D and XD and they’re quite unlike the way most art schools are organised, we’re
not organised around ideas of medium, we’re organised in terms of ideas of practice, discourses,
processes, things like that. 2D is more about pictorial based practices,
it could be painting, photo, print, it can be autographic i.e. drawing, it could be reprographic
which is appropriated of the image in general. 3D is very much to do with space and the object
not just sculpture. 4D is not just about moving image, it is also about performance, about
text, it’s a much more encompassing practice than just the moving image. The XD pathway
is more involved with socially engaged practices, relational practices. Many of our students
go straight from BA into collaborating with each other in terms of setting up studio complexes,
projects, exhibition spaces, after BA the student is ready to go out and engage.

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