Matte vs Glossy CreateSpace covers

Hey guys, it’s author Jason Matthews I wanted to show you the difference
between a CreateSpace matte verses a glossy cover. Matte versus glossy is now a choice that you have with CreateSpace
print-on-demand books and it’s recently just been a new thing
and so I’ve got a couple of both kinds here. This
one here is the glossy cover that they’ve
been offering forever and this is the matte. It’s the new choice Obviously this is a lot glossier, this is more a flat look. It’s very comparable to house paint. If you’ve ever painted the interior of a room you know the difference between a flat paint which is like this one and either a gloss or a semi-gloss, no one really uses gloss anymore but semi gloss or satin is gonna look more like this. So it’s
kind of interesting the differences and it’s hard to tell which one is better. Some people actually prefer matte, some people prefer gloss.
I’m gonna show you some of the basic differences that I’ve found and I wanna show to you
also the back as well so obviously you
can tell which one is the gloss One thing I noticed is that the darkers come out a lot darker looking with the gloss the flat I think is actually a little
easier to read I mean the matte, but there’s a certain aesthetic aspect to the darker colors, again I’m going to show you with some photos too so you can see a little bit of that difference okay so these are some pictures that I
took and the glossy picture is on, the glossy book is
on the right and obviously it’s going to reflect
a lot more light but it also comes out a little bit
darker looking. Again the the glossy one is on the right. The matte
is on the left There are pros and cons to each choice
in my opinion the other thing about the gloss is it’s going to scratch up a little bit
more, it’s going to show fingerprints a little more however if you notice the covers here these are both brand new books, they’re
books that I sell so I don’t really open them and read them look how much more the cover’s already
sort of starting to open up on the matte side compared to the gloss side. I believe the glossy cover is going to
be more durable and hold its shape better for a longer
period of time. I don’t know because I haven’t been reading these
books but that’s just my guess at first at first glance. Again you can see how
much richer at certain angles the color comes out,
the darks are just darker but it is a tiny bit easier to read on the matte so I really feel that this is a personal
preference. I really like the matte I really like the way it looks but there are aspects to the gloss I
like better. I like how the darks come out darker. These are both pictures of the sky with stars, and it seems more like sky on this side then on the matte side see if there’s another picture here,
here’s another you can get a feel for the scratches that are coming out, and this is a brand new book so if you
look at it in a certain light, a certain angle reflecting light
you’re gonna see these little scratches and if I hadn’t cleaned the book off, you probably be seeing fingerprints as well. Okay so if you want to make a choice on doing matte or glossy, this is an example of a CreateSpace dashboard or actually the dashboard for this book basically you have two choices: you can
either go through set up and do the cover or in the
distribute you can do the cover here. You just click
on cover finish and then it’s really easy. It gives you a
choice of either matte or glossy and if I were to make a change from matte to glossy I would have to click
save and continue. I’m not gonna do that because my book’s in place but that’s really all there is to it. Just for your information, CreateSpace
recommends in general, novels typically have matte finish and
non-fiction books typically have glossy finish, so for
example some of my some of my non-fiction books I’m gonna keep them with a glossy finish and that’s fine whereas I’m gonna try the matte finish
and see how that goes I hope this was helpful. Again there
are pros and cons to each way. It looks to me
like the glossy finish is going to be more durable over time. The matte finish has a certain
aesthetic very similar to house paint, and what
you need whether you need durability or whether
you need certain aesthetics I hope this helps. Thanks a lot. Please
check out my books


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