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>Our mission here at
MIT is to develop leaders who inspire others and who
innovate to create the future. The MIT approach to design
thinking is a great way to unleash innovation
in yourself and throughout your organization by using design thinking
principles. Hi, I am professor
Steven Eppinger, professor of Management
Science and Innovation here at the MIT Sloan
School of Management. I have developed this
online course using much of the material I teach in my graduate level
classes here at MIT. In addition to research
and teaching, I run two of our master’s
degree programs that are focused on innovation and that
are offered jointly by the MIT Sloan
School of Management and our School of Engineering. I’ve been teaching innovation
and design thinking here at MIT for the past 30 years. The textbook, titled Product,
Design, and Development, which I co-authored, is
the most widely used book on this subject. Many of my students apply design
thinking principles to work on innovations at companies
like Apple, and Samsung, Tesla, and BMW, Google, and Amazon. Some of my students have
gone on to work on startups and have created innovative
companies like Airbnb. In this course, I will take you through a step-by-step
approach to design thinking. The course follows a
human centered approach to systematic development of
new products and services. The process starts with empathy,
deep understanding of customers, their values, and the
surrounding opportunities. We do this by interviewing and
observing users and a range of other stakeholders. We try to get into their world and see problems
through their eyes. With this information in mind, we brainstorm possible
solutions, bringing new perspectives
to the opportunity. Now this course is
action-oriented. You will learn how to develop
product specifications, build prototypes, and plan your
product or service architecture. We also focus on several
other key questions. Is the product or service
financially viable? How can we minimize the
environmental impact of our product or service? How should we organize the
product development process to deliver on time
and on budget? And how can we leverage
the latest agile development techniques? During this course, you
will learn the key concepts through my online video
lectures, supplemented by online discussions,
and individual and group assignments. The course also includes live
online sessions with me and some of my MIT faculty colleagues on additional design
thinking topics. The core emphasis of this course
is project-based learning. Working in small
teams, you will be asked to apply the concepts you
learn to a real-world product or service design challenge. After all, this is an MIT
course and here at MIT, we believe in Mens et
Manus, combining both mind and hand thus, learning
by doing. Throughout the course, you
will be receiving feedback on your project work, culminating in a final
project submission. I look forward to your
participation in this class and also to seeing
what you are able to do with MIT’s approach
to design thinking. [ Music ]

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