Managing Questions Banks in Canvas

In this video I’m going to show you how you
can import question banks from publishers
directly into canvas there’s a couple of different ways from the
publisher web site that you can get to the question banks some publishers have tools that will generate tests and you can
create the tests and their programs and then
you can export them and several of the different learning
management systems typically canvas is not listed in that list,
however the WebCT option should work just
fine these files that it creates are what is considered a QTI zip file so you’ll see here in my folder here I have two
of these type of files and they have to be specially formatted zip
files so I’m going to the open up this first one here
and the one way you can tell it’s a formatted
properly if if it has this imsmanifest.xml file If it has that you’re good to go you’ll be able to import this into canvas however if I look into the second one you’ll notice and I don’t have the IMS xml file so this is not going to import into canvas so
but I can click into this folder and now I see
that there’s another zip file so if I click on that I’ll notice now that there is a zip file for every
chapter so if I have a zip file like this I’ll want to make
sure that I extract the files and then I’ll have to um whoops I already did this and then I can import each one of these
individually into canvas so this is something to keep in mind when you’re working with these type of files so I’m going to go back actually I just going to minimize this so now
we’re back in canvas and I’m going to
settings and I’m going to import content into this
course this brings up the import screen and I’m going to select the QTI option and I’m going to go find that zip file that I
showed you earlier and I’m going to select the file and then I’m
just going to click import and this is gonna bring up the import
process is very similar to when you copy
content from one canvas course to another so again we’ll have to wait for the job to get
queued, it starts importing and once it’s been imported then we can go from check it out in the quiz tool you’ll notice then changes to a running one
thing too to point out is that you can move away from this page and anytime
and it will still import to once it’s completed you’ll see this little
completed tag so let’s go to quizzes and check this out since
I don’t have a quizzes and this course the quiz
tool is grayed out in the left navigation so you’ll notice that imported several quizzes with the title unnamed (laughs) which is not helpful Let’s go over to the question banks and see what we got over here so let’s click manage question banks so again it’s on the doesn’t do a very good job
sometimes of giving you a detailed titles on with your question banks and sometimes
with your questions as well um this one actually did quite well with the question titles you’ll see that it’s got the chapter um the title of the chapter and um what type of question it is this is actually an essay question if we scroll down further we’ll see now says MC question so this is really helpful what we would need to do in this case is to rename these um question banks so the instead of having a whole bunch of imported questions we can change this to
chapter 16 and and it doesn’t show here but on when you go back out it updates so we would go to the next one and do the same thing any you kee- continue to do this so I’m actually pause the video Ok so I’ve changed a couple more of the titles just so see what we’re looking at here some now I know which chapter each one of
these from belongs to and there’s nothing to say that you
couldn’t organize them in a different way so for example, if you want organize them by the type of questions they are the content that they cover you could absolutely name your question
banks that way as well so if I go into one of these question banks I noted earlier that some of these questions were essay questions so you might want to organize these essay questions in two separate groups so um you know for example that when you go into chapter 10 are all multiple choice so what we could do is move multiple questions and we’ll see the ones who have the ES next to them and we’ll select thoses so we’re going to select all those it looks like there is just three and they look like they’re all at the top so that’s good and we won’t have to to deal with that they should all show at the top which is good and then we’ll just scroll down and we can choose whoops we can choose to create a new bank so I’m going to name this one chapter ten essay questions and we’ll just move those questions into that bank so now they’re are not in this bank anymore and they’re in their own separate bank Keeps it organized so that we know what we got so you’ll want to continue that with each chapter if that was important to you um we can also let me go into chapter 11 here we can also move an individual question so let’s say will gonna try to organize things by the content so we can read um the question text and kinda of get an idea of what that questions is about we can move that individual question again we can choose to put it a different bank or creating new bank and we can also with this option keep a copy
here as well so this is to stop and think about as well you
can do that so that’s is organizing your banks and importing them so let’s go back out to the quizzes and talk about some of the management of features you’ll want to do here now with the imported quizzes um depending on how you what your quizzes organized you could use these quizzes however it it’s gonna be really difficult to manage the questions in the quiz so we’ll need to switch over to the question tab and we can see this is the chapter five so we can come back in here and name this chapter five quiz the thing that you’re gonna notice here is that all the questions that were in that bank are in this quiz so I mean you can come through here and read the question text and you can decide whether you want that question in the quiz or not on you can do that or if you’re wanting to randomize you can scroll in the bottom and create a question group and and MC questions and you’re going to pick 10 of these at 1 point each to be in the quiz so I’m going to create group and I can click and drag questions into the group and I’m gonna have to do this one by one unfortunately so you would have to do that for every question you wanted in that group and you can create multiple groups in a quiz so that’s one way of dealing with that um and you’ll notice I still haven’t got enough questions in there to it to be at my count and need to make sure that I have at least the ten questions in there so I’m going to add couple more in there obviously the more you put in there the it’s going to randomize as well so that’s one way of dealing with that of another thing that you can do is just delete this quiz so I’m going to go back up not even going to save my changes here because I’m just deciding you know what this going be too much of a hassle I’m just going to delete these quizzes they- this wouldn’t affect what you got in the banks so you can go ahead and delete those and you can go through that process and delete them and then create your own quizzes so I’m going to go ahead and create a new quiz and we’re gonna hop over to the options for adding questions now you can create questions in quizzes however; I don’t recommend that because they automatically get filed in a bank called unfiled questions it’s not really good for organization the option that worked best here is the find questions so here we can go out and find those questions that we just imported for example here’s the chapter 10 I can select all these questions now if the bank has got a lot of questions and that he might notice it has this more questions and you’ll notice that you can have to scroll back up and select them again scroll back down hit that again you may have to do this a couple of times before all the questions are selected so now we’ve gotten to the bottom the key to making this work is to create your group here so when you create your group here you can choose again how many questions are going to be in the quiz and how many points they are going to be worth and this creates the group and then when you click add the questions it automatically creates a group based on how you wanted it so you’re not having to click and drag each question into the group once you’ve got the questions all added to the
quiz just make sure you give it a title and then you
can switch over to the settings and just make sure that all the settings are
what you want from keep in mind that the default um results for students to see after they take a quiz is to let them see a quiz responses and then to let them see the correct answers I recommend to check the only once after each attempt this allows the students to see the feedback once immediately after they take a quiz and then you’ll also wanna make sure you have a due date set in you can set availability dates as well you’ll just wanna make sure that you save and if you haven’t published yet you wanna make sure that you do the save and publish

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