Making of ‘RISE of the TMNT’!! EXCLUSIVE Look ? | From Sketch to Screen | #TurtlesTuesday

♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rise ♪ This is our chance
to finally use these babies. Weapons ahoy! We agreed to reserve ‘ahoy’
for ship-based adventures, pal. Please. [barking] Guys, I got this. Fibonacci! No, no. Ah! No–
Oh, no! Oh, that’s so bad. Dog thingy! Hey, it plays fetch! And teleports, which is–
Oh my gosh, it teleports! – Donnie!
– Pro tip… The inexplicable glowy wave. Extraordinarily painful. All right, Mikey. You take the one
that looks like a broken toaster. I’ll take the guy that
looks like a fancy trash can. They look exactly the same! And they don’t look like
either of those things! Hey, where ya going? [growling] You had to ruin cannon ball day. [yelling] [fighting] [moaning] My sword! [laughing] [growling] I don’t need weapons to beat you! I got my rad skills! [coughing] Mikey, ninja mode. [growling] OK, there’s a chance
that he can still see us. [yelling] – Plan double B.
– Yeah! Brother throw! [yelling] [fighting] Ba-bam! [yelling] Take that! Had enough yet? [groaning] – Nun chucks!
– Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone my size? [groaning] [barking] [yelling] [screaming] [crashing] [groaning] [yelling] [hitting] Hey! Trash can and toaster boy! If you know what’s good for you,
you’ll leave my friends– Oh… What the– No! No! [groaning] I have the agent and the vile. Ya! Whoa! Sweet shortcut! Wait… This is not a shortcut! [screaming] Ah! Good to know. [barking] – The dog thingy!
– Hey! April! No! No!


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