Make Craft Foam Armor -Shoulders and Arms

Hi its Will from And here on youtube you know me as epic fantasy And this is my latest tutorial This is a foam armor project We’ve done the gauntlet We have done the vambrace And in this tutorial we do the shoulder the
bicep and the elbow Fun project made out of craft foam You need some cereal box and some craft foam
and some paint And of course I give you the template And this works Everything moves so you can wear it Dioramas origami catapults and trebuchets Telescopes terrariums bonsai trees and paper
games Swords and shields and real blacksmithing
model rockets animation I teach the art of real creation Let’s make something Alright let’s take a look at what we need
to do this project You need some kind of glue I use a spray on adhesive like this It’s wonderful and easy You can use any kind of glue you have You need the template You need some strips of velcro I got these
at the dollar store for a dollar A little bit of wire you know maybe about
a foot of it Some cereal box cardboard or cracker box cardboard You can even use poster board And three big foam sheets like this foamies Now a couple of important things I want to
point out about this project is Um there are four different parts One the shoulder the under shoulder the bicep
and the elbow right We’re going to make these four parts And an important thing about this is the assembly
like this Makes it so you actually can move your arm And your elbow That’s an important thing with armor is you
got to move your arm So Let’s get started Print up the template The link is in the description of this video
down below You can get that template it is totally free And all the parts Parts 1a and 1b you cut those out and tape
them together like that Part 2a and 2b cut those out and tape them
together like that And C excuse me 3a and 3b the bicep You tape those you cut them out and tape them
together like that And part 4 is the elbow You just need to cut that out They fit on one sheet of paper So let’s start with part 1 the shoulder Now we have that piece cut out like that Glue it on to your cereal box or your poster
board And then part 2 do the same thing Glue it onto your Now the wonderful thing about this is the
poster board or the cereal box Will give the thing some strength And then cut them out And uh and then the foam gives it a good look When we apply the foam later And I will show you that So see those dashed lines those are slots So you cut these pieces out and you cut along
that slot Of part 1 Now let’s form the shoulder You just go like this watch this Boom and it’s pretty much done That shapes your shoulder Now fit it on your shoulder to see if it fits You can open that and close that as you need
to And then put plenty of tape on it Once you got it in a nice size and shape you
like for your shoulder You know tape it up with masking tape Um you can tape the whole thing if you want For strength and rigidity I taped it partially but I just wanted to
show you You can even at this point shape it a little
bit with the tape Oh and I didn’t say masking tape in the beginning
I’m sorry Masking tape is useful So now let’s put foam on it Start like this You’re just putting foam to the top of the
shoulder And you glue it down Then what we’re going to do is We’re going to wrap up the sides like this So put some glue on there And bring up the sides Watch So we end up with a nice smooth armor And this foam is quite wonderful You can do a little heating with it too if
you have a heat gun So once you got it wrapped up the sides You can trim it down a little bit so it’s
easier to work with The only thing we have to worry about is the
end piece The end there But as you trim it you can see how it’s going
to work I will show you exactly how to do this But I like it And it’s a little open right now But as we add more pieces But see there you go So you end up with something like this Cut it so you end up with that Then you can fold that down And then trim it neatly with like a sharp
knife or scissors or something And you’re done with this shoulder piece So now piece 2 The under shoulder You um take that you had previously put the
template onto cereal box Now glue that to foam And you have this like this Done Now we want to attach it under the shoulder And it goes just like this Make sure you have that shoulder oriented
the correct way It’s gonna go just like that So place it together in a way its nice it
looks good Punch a hole through both of them And then run your wire through it to act as
like a little lock and a hinge See So you want it to be strong But you still want it to hinge And that wire will do that So a little double piece of wire you feed
it through You can even use paper clips if you don’t
have wire That would be fine So you do that So now let’s do piece three the bicep This is mine is eight inches by twelve inches And this is poster board here I know the black colors throwing you off That’s poster board Instead of cereal box So I used the template to make that piece And now I’m taking that piece And applying it to foam of a blue color Don’t let the colors throw you I didn’t have all of the same color of foam So there you go There’s the bicep piece Now we want to make it so you can open it
and close it As you need it to get your arm in there And how we do that is with some strips of
velcro So you see you can roll it Fit it on your arm Get a good for it with extra room Trim it as needed And then you put velcro on it like this Put some velcro along one end And then flip the thing over And put velcro on the other end Now notice I flipped it See you don’t see the velcro anymore over
there on the right That’s important Then you put the hook or the loop the mating
pieces on this end like this So what happens is when you roll it these
will connect these are the hoops Will connect with the loops like this See it That’s very important Get that velcro right before you Make sure you understand that before you glue
it down But there’s the bicep You can adjust that to your arm And I ended up trimming a little bit under
the arm pit as needed So now you put them together like this That goes about in the center And you can if you have help have somebody Put these pieces on and have somebody mark
them And then you know exactly where they fit the
most comfortable But you do the same thing You um pierce a hole through both And then run a double piece of wire through
it To act as a hinge and an anchor And do it around the back side too There you go We’re almost done here Nice job If you’re doing this project I am proud of you Make sure you send me a picture I will send you a certificate of contribution And I will put the picture on my website Um and just to show you You can use a hot glue gun to add rivets like
this to hide those And even have some fun with ornaments Let’s put some rivets on there Now the last piece the elbow piece This is um black poster board that I put the
template on Now I am putting it on foam So it’s always some kind of cardboard Whether it be poster board or cereal box Glued to the foam So you get a double layer So it’s strong and it’s sturdy and it will
stay together It looks good and the foam has a nice smooth
look to it So do that and then cut it out Now you do the same thing Position it at the elbow Pierce two holes One through each piece And then glue it down Wrap it around the back and do the same thing Try it on and get it fitted just right for
yourself For your arm See doesn’t that look good All four pieces Now go crazy with the hot glue gun Add some ornaments Paint this thing put some designs Oh I’m going to show you some painting I like it Important thing It moves That way you can move your arm So then I had some fun with some ornaments I won’t show you all of that but you can see
it in the pictures How I made like a little design it’s kind
of cool So that’s it let’s paint it up Silver spray paint And make sure you uh move it To get at the parts that are currently not
exposed Because it’s all hinged You want to get under the hinges That’s it you’re done I like it There’s oh there you can see the design I
put on my elbow So that’s It I also have the gauntlet and
the vambrace So we’ve gone from your fingertips all the
way to your shoulder I have more of this foam armor coming Thanks for watching that video I hope you
enjoyed it If you’re a subscriber thanks for subscribing
to my channel If you’re not a subscriber hit that button I always have lots of fun and interesting
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