Magic Drawing ✏️ | Fruits – Episode 1 🍒 | Kids Super Songs

Let’s draw something! Let’s draw something! What is it? What is it? Can you guess which fruit we are going to
draw now? Let’s draw some basic shapes. Hmm… What is it? Now, we’ll draw some shapes. Hmm… I think I know what it is! A few more lines and we’re almost done! Did you see what we just drew?!? It’s an apple! Let’s learn how to spell! Very good! Are you ready for the next drawing? What about now? Which fruit are we going to draw? Let’s draw some basic shapes. Hmm… what could it be? Now, we’ll draw an oval. Hmm… I wonder if it is what I think it is… A few more details and we’re almost done! Can you name it already? It’s a lemon! Now, let’s spell it! This was fun! See you again soon! Until the next episode of Magic Drawing! Go ahead and guess it! Go ahead and guess it! So much fun! So much fun!

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