M.A. in Integrated Design | University of Baltimore

When I started applying for grad school,
I was finding a lot of very specific design programs, whether you really want
to go into journalism, broadcasting, digital motion graphics. What I really
liked about the Integrated Design master’s program with the University of
Baltimore was that you really got a wealth of different areas. It started
with publication design, but I’ve also been able to do some motion graphics, do
some web design and development, and really be able to touch on all of these different areas. Hi, my name is Kari Mason. I am a graduate student in the Integrated Design program with
the University of Baltimore. I knew that by extending my education
and continuing on that there was so much more to learn and
I would just have a more robust experience. We get projects and then what we do is
we come in and we critique each other’s work and I feel that having the
experience of going in front of a panel of peers in my classes, I’ve been able to
get the experience of trying things out, getting feedback from others, learning
how to take constructive criticism and ultimately to be able to grow. In the field that I really want to go into within creative arts agencies and within
marketing, that’s really a life lesson.

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