LSDM MA Design – Course Presentation

Design has become more important to business
than ever before. By using research, brainstorming and prototyping techniques, design establishes
a close dialogue with consumers, identifying opportunities for the application of creative
and innovative thinking and problem problem-solving. The LSDM’s MA in Design aims to enable graduates
to develop their analytical and research skills by undertaking substantial design and
evaluation projects. The MA in Design considers three main fields of practice: communication
design, interactive design and product design. Students are encouraged to develop critical
thinking and insight to improve their effectiveness as designers, while understanding the dynamic
relationships between design, industry and the commercial sector.
The LSDM’s MA in Design is an accredited program by the University for the  Creative
Arts, #1 Specialist University for the Creative Industries. The MA is structured in one year and 3 terms. The 1st term explores the subjects of Design
Thinking, Advanced Design Lab and Advanced Design Communication. These units train you
to use design thinking as a tool for creation and management, while developing a deep understanding of yourself as a brand and communication as a
professional at the same time you acquire advanced design skills. The 2nd term is composed of 3 units: Design
Innovation, Research Methods and Applied Design Project. Here, you learn how to think and act
in an innovative way, acquiring at the same time research skills at a pictorial and literary
level, which will revert directly into your personal practical design to be developed
along 2 terms. Applied Design Project continues for one more
term and is the only unit of the third term. The unit is devoted to the development
of a project in any design area. The LSDM’s MA in Design is delivered in a 100% online
friendly environment, with weekly lessons and self-assessment opportunities.
You can study anytime and anywhere, in a network of students from all over the world. A Tutor Centre is always available to support
students in their learning process, clarifying doubts and discussing their ideas. Different content formats such
as videos, presentations, case studies, exercises or infographics, are available in 3 languages: English,
Portuguese and Spanish. Professional experts are invited to give testimonials
and advice. We’re looking forward to meet you in the next edition. LSDM, where passion becomes a profession.

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